A revolutionary, easy-to-use indenter that maps the Young’s Modulus of the softest tissues

Map the properties of single cells or observe nano-scale features of thin biological samples inside the incubator

This nanoindentation module can be placed on any microscope, allowing extremely accurate indentation of the smallest samples

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At Optics11, we are proudly building up our international reputation with a series of measurement systems, specifically designed for tissue engineers and biomaterial scientists. Using proprietary patented technologies, our aim is to provide instruments to our customers that change the way they do research.

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Piuma Nanoindenter Technology

Using a patented technology developed by research scientists of the VU University Amsterdam, we have developed a revolutionary device: the Piuma Nanoindenter. The Piuma Nanoindenter is able to perform nanoindentation measurements of soft biomaterials, bringing the nano- and micromechanical properties of for example native and engineered tissues to light. 

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