Revolutionizing Transformer Monitoring: Optics11’s Breakthrough in Oman

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In a groundbreaking field operation, Optics11 has once again positioned itself at the forefront of the energy sector’s technological evolution. Our recent collaboration with NAMA Group and the indispensable support from Golden Gate Bridge Trading & Services LLC (GGB), our local agent in Oman, have paved the way for a new era in transformer monitoring and partial discharge (PD) detection.

The operation focused on a 20MVA medium voltage transformer, a critical component in the energy infrastructure, operating at around 20% load capacity. Over two days, the transformer was equipped with 24 OptiFender sensors, showcasing our commitment to delivering precise and reliable monitoring solutions. This field test successfully identified and localized partial discharge (PD), providing insights into the condition of the transformer under operational stresses.

The successful execution of this field test was significantly bolstered by the support from GGB. Their expertise and local knowledge were invaluable, ensuring the smooth facilitation of the operation. The collaboration with GGB exemplifies the power of partnership in achieving technological advancements and operational excellence.

A Testament to Technological Prowess

This operation in Oman is not just a showcase of our cutting-edge technology but also a testament to our ability to execute complex field tests under challenging conditions. Covering the transformer with 24 OptiFender sensors, we managed to detect and localize PD with unprecedented accuracy. This capability is not just an improvement but a leap in how we approach the maintenance and monitoring of critical energy infrastructure.

Expanding Horizons with OETC

Our engagement in Oman extends beyond this single operation. We’re also conducting tests with OETC, focusing on high-voltage gas insulated cable termination and transformers monitoring at high voltage levels. These tests further solidify our position as leaders in the field, driving innovation in energy sector monitoring and maintenance.

Looking Ahead

The successful test in Oman, under field conditions, marks a significant achievement for Optics11 and our partners. It underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the energy sector. As we move forward, we continue to explore new frontiers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in transformer monitoring and PD detection. Our collaboration with NAMA Group and OETC and the support from GGB in Oman are pivotal chapters in our ongoing journey towards revolutionizing energy infrastructure monitoring and maintenance.

For more information about our projects and collaborations, visit Golden Gate Bridge Trading & Services LLC and NAMA Group.

Stay tuned for more updates on our transformative projects and partnerships that are setting new benchmarks in the energy sector.

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