Combined Naval Event 2024

Optics11 at the Forefront of Naval Innovation.

Join us at 17:30, 21st of May

Topics of discussion:

Revolutionizing underwater acoustic sensing
Benefits of interferometric optical hydrophones
Submarine towed array and seabed applications
Test results and roadmap

The maritime realm is rapidly evolving, and with it, the demands on naval technology and capability. The Combined Naval Event 2024, held from May 21-23 in Farnborough, UK, was a testament to this evolution. As a leader in fiber optic sensing systems, Optics11 was proud to be part of this prestigious event, which brought together over 1,500 attendees from more than 50 nations and 200 companies.

This year’s event was special for several reasons. It marked the 11th iteration of the meeting, the third time three pivotal events were co-located, and the debut of the Surface Fleet Technology meeting. Farnborough, with its vast size and strategic links, provided an ideal setting for this grand gathering.

A Year of Significant Developments

It has been a remarkable year since the last meeting, with the maritime environment increasingly recognized as a critical priority for NATO and its partners. The event focused on four central tenets: Future Surface Fleet developments, comprehensive Underwater Defence and Security, world-leading Submarine Technology, and cutting-edge Surface Fleet Technology. These elements are crucial in enabling nations to enhance their maritime capabilities, ensuring unimpeded freedom of navigation, and achieving sea control and denial when necessary.

Optics11’s Pivotal Role

At Optics11, we understand the significance of advanced naval technology in securing and protecting vital assets. Our participation in the Combined Naval Event 2024 emphasized our commitment to innovation in underwater acoustics and structural health monitoring. We showcased our state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing systems, including the OTADES thin line array hydrophone solutions, which offer unmatched precision in underwater acoustic systems.

Engaging with Global Leaders

The event provided a unique platform for a wide cross-section of attendees, including international navies, the defense industry, and academia, to align in a common purpose. This alignment is essential to ensure naval capabilities meet the strategic, operational, and technological demands of the future. Our team engaged in meaningful discussions, sharing insights and exploring collaborations that could shape the future of naval technology.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the successful event, we at Optics11 are invigorated to continue our work in advancing naval technology. We are committed to transforming data into action, empowering our customers to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our participation in the Combined Naval Event 2024 has not only highlighted our capabilities but also reinforced our position as a leader in the field, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.