Optics11 Announces Paul Heiden as New CEO.


Amsterdam, March 12, 2024 – Optics11, the world leader in fiber optic sensing technology, proudly announces the appointment of Paul Heiden as its Chief Executive Officer. Paul, with a proven track record in executive high-tech leadership roles, is set to elevate Optics11’s mission to help protect our sea-lanes and harbors, critical offshore infrastructure, and energy supply.

Under Heiden’s direction, Optics11 will drive the deployment of its core early warning technologies: OptiBarrier and OptiArray against sea lane and harbor intrusion, OptiFender against the disruption of energy supply. In a world increasingly dependent on the seas as a source of energy and facilitator of trade Paul Heiden’s appointment comes at an opportune time to drive Optics11 forward.

Optics11’s recent announcement of a successful OptiArray test cycle with the Royal Netherlands Navy, its participation in several other NATO initiatives, and successful pilot tests with European electricity transmission system operators (TSO’s) all show Optics11’s growing traction in this market with renewed significance.

Paul Heiden’s journey to Optics11 is marked by significant achievements. Including pivotal roles at Bynder, recently acquired by Boston-based THL, and at Ultimaker, where he played a key role in establishing their market leadership in 3D printing. As the founder and CEO of BHOLD, his strategic vision facilitated a successful acquisition by Microsoft. His impressive career is further complemented by his distinguished service as a Captain in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, where he was deployed several times to the Arctic Circle to protect our northern seaways.

Paul Heiden shares his vision: “I have always been looking for companies that have a fundamental impact. Today I can’t think of a better societal cause than to contribute to Optics11’s mission to protect our maritime trade and energy supply against disruption.”

Expressing his support, Hans Brouwer, founder of Optics11, remarked, “His blend of military discipline, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological foresight makes Paul Heiden the ideal leader to steer Optics11 through its next phase of innovation and growth.”

Optics11’s ambitious path forward is strongly supported by its investors. Jos Bourgonje, Managing Partner/Co-Owner at Value Creation Capital, emphasized, “Paul is the leader Optics11 needs. His exceptional track record assures us of a thriving future.”

Expressing his enthusiasm, investor Robin van Boxsel, Partner at FORWARD.one, commented, “This is a great example of a Dutch-born company with a rich history of innovation. I am excited to witness the transformative impact Paul will undoubtedly bring to the table.“

About Optics11
Optics11 is the world leader in fiber optic sensing technology for ultra-sensitive early warning systems. Operating from the Netherlands, a country renowned for high-tech industry and maritime innovation, Optics11 works passionately to help protect our sea-lanes, critical offshore infrastructure, and energy supply against disruption.

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Optics11 Announces Paul Heiden as New CEO.