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Optics11's technology foundation is built upon a fusion of two cutting-edge components: advanced fiber optic interferometry and the latest in fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology.

Revolutionizing Precision: Advanced Fiber Optic Interferometry

Optical fiber sensing offers a unparalleled solution for various applications requiring precise measurements in demanding environments. The ability of light to travel undisturbed within the fiber, coupled with the use of glass or silicon for the sensing component, allows it to effectively tackle environmental challenges such as extreme temperatures, liquids, electrical or magnetic fields, and even remote locations.

Although numerous optical sensing techniques exist, we are convinced that only one fiber sensing technology delivers the optimal combination of sensitivity, bandwidth, and dynamic range: interferometry. This method entails directly measuring the phase of light, and Optics11 achieves this with remarkable precision, delving into the femto-domain. To learn more about our ZonaSens and DeltaSens technology, we invite you to watch the explanatory video.

Pioneering the Future: Cutting-edge Fiber Bragg Grating Technology

The configuration of the sensing element dictates which physical parameter is converted into an accurate optical phase, allowing for the measurement of various factors such as accelerations, pressure, temperature, load, and even gas concentrations. To maximize the potential of our sensors, Optics11 employs innovative fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology. Our systems maintain exceptional sensitivity and precision, as well as long-term stability, through the use of various calibration methods for our light source, including a Michelson interferometer and a reference gas cell.

Optics11 creates the sensing elements using a diverse array of micromanufacturing techniques, such as photolithography, laser ablation, and precision cutting. All systems developed by Optics11 are designed with the end user in mind, leading to user-friendly and purpose-driven instruments. Our passion lies in transforming cutting-edge technology into practical applications!

Meet our Experts: Get to Know the Talented Minds Behind Our Company

Established in 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling the measurement requirements of numerous enterprises. We are confident that optical fiber sensing delivers unparalleled solutions for a wide array of applications requiring accurate measurements in demanding settings.

Facing a measurement challenge? Reach out to our team to explore if we can offer the game-changing solution you seek.


Paul Heiden


Paul’s path to Optics11 includes key roles at Bynder (acquired by THL) and Ultimaker, boosting their 3D printing leadership. He founded BHOLD, leading to its Microsoft acquisition, and served as a Captain in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, with deployments to the Arctic Circle.


Mark Jacobs


Mark’s passion for technology brought him to several positions where he developed himself into a commercial leader doing business in demanding international environments.

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer he drives the commercial strategies, develops and builds long term partnerships and leads the sales and marketing teams to success.


Dr. Grzegorz Gruca


Grzegorz graduated as an microelectronics engineer focusing on development of novel micromechanical biosensors. He continued his scientific career in a group of Davide Iannuzzi, obtaining PhD based on innovative mixture of fiber optics and micromechanics.

Since smooth transition to company environment, Grzegorz supports and leads the technical growth of Optics11.


Erik Verduin


Erik became part of the Optics11 team in 2024. His career commenced in audit at BDO, after which he moved to PwC’s Transaction Services (M&A) team, engaging in numerous (international) due diligence projects. Before joining Optics11 Erik worked in Strategic Finance at Exact. Erik holds a Master’s in Accountancy and an Executive Master of Finance and Control.


Dr. Matthijs Amelink

Head of Product Management

With a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and nearly 20 years of experience in the defence industry, Matthijs is a highly qualified and skilled professional.

As Head of Product Management at Optics11, he is able to utilize his expertise in sales, marketing, product strategy, project management, and business development to drive results and bring fresh ideas to the table.


Daniel van den Bosch

Head of Operations

Before joining Optics11 as a Senior Project Engineer in May 2021, Daniel worked on the cutting edge between entrepreneurship and technology as a co-founder of a high-tech startup in Delft.

Today he is leading the Operations team in Amsterdam. Daniel holds a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialized in dynamics / vibrations. 


Juha van Riet

VP Corporate Development

With extensive international management experience in the Industry and Energy sectors, Juha has a proven track record of steering management teams and organizations through periods of expansion and strategic growth. Holding a background in Mechanical Engineering and complemented by a degree in Business Administration, he brings both technical expertise and strategic business insight to Optics11.

With a vision to revolutionize the fiber optic sensing industry, a team of innovators founded a company in Amsterdam. Read on to discover their journey.

Optics11: Pioneering the Future of Fiber Optic Sensing

OPTICS11 is an Amsterdam based fast-growing high tech company that offers state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing systems for unmatched performance. Our products are supplied worldwide to various markets such as structural health monitoring, condition monitoring, energy, R&D, rail, defense and more. Fiber optic sensing outperform classic electrical technologies in challenging operational environments, such as in strong electrical or magnetic fields, high radiation, extreme temperatures or in liquids. Our solutions aim at detecting and monitoring the earliest signs of malfunction of critical structures and providing assets owners with precise and reliable data.
Our mission is to provide flawless fiber optic sensing systems that empower system integrators with high quality key information to break new ground and transform their industries. We at Optics11 explore new opportunities of fiber optics and are committed to continue bringing more innovative solutions to disrupt the industry.

The beginning
A promising technology based on fiber-top sensing lead to the start of Optics11. The company is founded as a university spin-off (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) by experimental physics professor Davide Iannuzzi and entrepreneur Hans Brouwer.
First prototype Nanoindenter
Although the abovementioned technology was very promising, the problems this technology would solve for its potential users were still largely unknown.
The first step was to build a very basic version of a product that would demonstrate the added value of this fiber sensing technology, such that there was a low threshold for potential users to start working with it. Having the technology in the hands of users at the earliest stage turned out to be very important, and proved very valuable for our optical fiber sensing systems.
Start development industrial sensing products
Based on new market insights, Optics11 starts the development of their industrial sensing products. The first interrogators in this devlopment phase ends up being the products that are being sold today.
In April 2016, Value Creation Capital invested in Optics11 through its TechNanoFund. The experienced entrepreneurs of the fund are supporting Optics11 in its growth and development by playing an active role in the Advisory Board, together with the founders.
Growing incrementally on an increasing product portfolio and revenue, Optics11 has developed into a team of 18 young and enthousiastic employees. The team is led by CEO Niek Rijnveld, a mechatronics engineer by education, and CTO Grzegorz Gruca, an electronics engineer who earned his PhD in experimental physics and Commercial Director Mark Jacobs, an aeronautical engineer by background. In addition, the founders of Optics11 are still very much involved on a strategic level. Currently, the Optics11 team consists of engineers of many disciplines, application specialists and sales engineers.
Release of OptimAE
We released world’s first high end fiber optic acoustic emission system OptimAE.
Launch of Optics11 Life
As our Life Science and Industrial Sensing product lines aim for such a different industries and markets, we launched the brand Optics11Life ( to provide more awareness and focus for our lifescience clients. All the Industrial Sensing activities remain accessible under
Acquisition of FAZ technology
Optics11 acquired FAZ technology from Fugro to add state-of-the-art FBG sensing technology to our offering.
Release of OptimAE PD monitoring system
Optics11 released OptimAE PD monitoring system – first fiber optic partial discharge monitoring system. Its unique patented technology delivers a high reliable fiber optics solution, while keeping the same performance of state-of-the-art electrical systems.
Release of NovaFAZ SHM monitoring system
Optics11 released an innovative solution for Structural Health Monitoring – NovaFAZ SHM system that provides measuring of the health status of civil assets. It gathers true actionable data in real time in any condition. It provides an exceptional stability of measurements for years combined with long-term data reliability.
€5 Mio Investment
Optics11 secured a €5 million venture round led by and Value Creation Capital, with Juha Van Riet stepping in as CEO to expand the industrial sensor company's global operations and product offerings.
Split of Optics11
Optics11 is splitting into two separate entities, Optics11 and Optics11 Life, to better focus on their distinct industries and markets.
New CEO!
Paul Heiden joins Optics11 as new CEO
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