Optics11 acquired Fugro’s fibre optic FAZ technology to expand its sensing platforms


AMSTERDAM Optics11, a company offering high-end fiber sensing solutions, has acquired the fibre-optic technology – known as FAZ Technology – from Fugro. FAZ Technology specialises in the research and development of fibre-optic sensing solutions, whose potential is much broader than Fugro’s core markets; hence Fugro’s decision to divest. FAZ Technology’s fibre-optic sensing solutions will complement Optics11 range of unique sensing products, including acoustic emission detection, hydrophone arrays and seismic monitoring, and will enable Optics11 to develop full structural-health monitoring and condition-monitoring solutions.

“We strongly believe that fibre-optic technology has great potential for more and more future applications and are very confident that the best in class FBG sensing technology available on the market today will strengthen our position,” says Optics11 CEO, Niek Rijnveld. “Incorporating Fugro’s FAZ Technology into our existing offering allows us to take a major step towards full integrated fiber optic high-end monitoring solutions,”

Fibre-optic technology provides unmatched sensing capabilities in challenging environments such as extreme temperatures, remote locations and high-radiation environments. Optics11 is best positioned to refine this technology’s evolution, supported by Fugro. Optics11 intends to further develop leading-edge solutions for monitoring the structural health of assets such as offshore wind farms and civil infrastructure, including bridges, roads, tunnels and other high-value assets, an increasing number of which are approaching the end of their design life. Insight into the behavior of these structural assets is essential for their safe and sustainable design, build and maintenance.

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