Improved HV Cable Monitoring with OptiFender

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Addressing the Critical Need for Improved HV Cable Monitoring

High-voltage (HV) and extra-high voltage (EHV) cable systems are vital components of power transmission networks. We rely on their continuous operations daily, and thus, ensuring consistent power supply and minimizing outages is in focus. However, these systems often face failures primarily due to insulation defects in cable accessories like joints and terminations. Traditionally, monitoring these defects through partial discharge (PD) detection has been challenging. Conventional electrical methods has some limitations for HV cable monitoring especially with long-term and long-distance applications.

OptiFender: An Ultimate Solution in Fiber Optic-Based PD Detection

OptiFender, a fiber optic-based PD sensing system, marks a significant advancement and overcomes challenges of long-term and long-distance monitoring. The technology utilizes the acoustic emission (AE) principle for highly sensitive PD detection in cable joints. This system stands out due to 2 characteristics making it ideal for remote monitoring:

  • capability to function without power at the sensing location
  • immunity to EMI – electro magnetic interference

Enhanced Sensitivity and Smart Monitoring

The OptiFender technology has remarkable sensitivity, capable of detecting PD activities as low as 2-3 pC, matching the industry’s demands for accuracy. Its application not only enhances the reliability of HV and EHV systems but also transforms cable joints into ‘smart joints’. These smart joints are equipped to detect early signs of failure, ensuring timely interventions and reducing the risk of unplanned outages.

A Step Towards Safer and Smarter Power Systems

By integrating OptiFender sensors into high-voltage cable systems, the industry can significantly boost the operational reliability of these critical infrastructures. The technology’s ability to monitor and detect early PD activities offers a promising avenue to enhance system stability and reduce the incidence of power disruptions, paving the way for a future with smarter and more reliable energy distribution networks.

Read the full paper with measurement results done with OptiFender “PD MONITORING OF EXTRA HIGH VOLTAGE CABLE JOINT USING EMBEDDED FIBER OPTIC ACOUSTIC EMISSION-BASED SENSORS” by Optics11 team: Hamed Hashemi-Dezaki, Aydin Zadeh, Andrew Peterson together with Keyur Gandhi, Hiren Darji from Raychem RPG, Gujarat, India.

In this paper you will find out:

  • The embedded sensors in OptiFender can detect PDs with a sensitivity equivalent to 2-3 pC, which is significantly more sensitive than other fiber-optic sensors.
  • OptiFender’s immunity to electromagnetic interference, passive operation, and capability for long-distance signal transmission make it suitable for remote monitoring.
  • The ability to connect multiple sensors in a daisy-chain configuration allows for comprehensive coverage of EHV cable systems.
  • The study’s tests on 245 kV cable joints validate the effectiveness of OptiFender technology in early detection of potential issues, thus preventing power outages and ensuring system stability.
  • OptiFender not only improves the reliability of EHV cable networks but also contributes to the development of smart joints equipped with advanced sensors.

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