Successful sea trial of Optics11 fiber optic hydrophone array


Major milestone ✔

This month we had a successful sea trial of our 4 node hydrophone array. After years of development and several iterations of the individual sensors and readout we proved our array is capable of detecting underwater sound sources up to hundreds of meters away in sea conditions.

With the help of TNO we performed several tests at different speeds to verify whether our array is still functioning while dealing with flow noise, buoyancy and mechanical towing forces which was not yet proven in the several static basin tests we performed before.

Having this successful field result provides us the confidence that we are on the right track in further developing this unique concept. Next step on the horizon is to have a 32 node array in the water by summer 2020 and extending the array to over 100 sensing points after that.

The final product will be a fully fiber optic – easy to deploy – thin line reelable array to be used in defense as well in security and seismic applications matching the performance of conventional electric arrays.

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If you are interested in following this development or are interested in the performance details, please get in touch with one of our sales representatives through the contact button on our hydrophone page.



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