Optics11 continues the manufacturing and sales collaboration with Femto Sensing International (FSI)

FSI and Optics11 Agreement

The FAZT I4G FBG Interrogator is the ultimate precision and repeatability instrument in the global market. This patented instrument is one of the newly acquired interrogators by Optics11 which are included in the Manufacturing and Sales Agreement between Optics11 and FSI. The other interrogators are the FAZT I4W economy model interrogator, the FAZT I4-16 sixteen channel ultimate precision interrogator, the FAZT I4-16W sixteen channel economy model interrogator, and the M64S4 sixty-four channels expansion module.

Andrei Csipkes, Chief Executive Officer of FSI commented that “The cooperation between Optics11 and FSI will help address an increasing number of applications worldwide where ultimate precision and repeatability in Optical Sensing is important.”

“FSI’s strategic alliance with Optics11 focuses on developing and releasing top performance and reliable optical sensing instruments. Optics11’s engineering team is uniquely positioned for future breakthrough technology developments which are well aligned with FSI’s proven supply chain management and manufacturing technologies to benefit customers worldwide” stated Mark Jacobs, Commercial Director, from Optics11. “Having an existing and very promising sales partner in addition to our own sales network is the best start to further grow the FAZ FBG interrogator market.”

In 2020 FSI will expand its manufacturing capacity of industrial grade premium performance and reliability optical sensing instruments based on FAZ technology to meet increasing global demand. The company serves security, medical, civil and geotechnical engineering, aerospace, marine, railways, energy, industrial and other applications.

Optics11 offers high-end fiber optic sensing solutions. Their main focus is acoustic emission, underwater acoustics (hydrophones, thin line arrays), accelerometers and FBG monitoring products. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam in the Netherlands with an R&D centre in Dublin, Ireland (www.optics11.com).

Femto Sensing International manufactures and sells premium performance and reliability FBG Monitoring Instruments. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, USA, with manufacturing facilities in Sweden and Singapore, and with Applications Engineering and Software Support in Sweden, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, and USA (femtosensing.com).

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