Partial Discharge Monitoring in Power Transformers: Importance

Power transformer on a dark background

At Optics11, partial discharge (PD) monitoring of electrical assets is one of our focus areas. This is why, we offer OptiFender, our innovative partial discharge monitoring system. It allows the business to save money by catching early signs of potential faults and preventing them early. The importance of condition monitoring as a whole, and partial […]

Revolutionizing Transformer Monitoring: Optics11’s Breakthrough in Oman

In a groundbreaking field operation, Optics11 has once again positioned itself at the forefront of the energy sector’s technological evolution. Our recent collaboration with NAMA Group and the indispensable support from Golden Gate Bridge Trading & Services LLC (GGB), our local agent in Oman, have paved the way for a new era in transformer monitoring […]

Keep High-Voltage Systems Running Smoothly with PD Monitoring

Simplify Your Power Transmission Management In the critical world of high-voltage systems, ensuring continuous and safe power supply is more than just a task; it’s a necessity for utility companies. The key to preventing unexpected failures and maintaining system health? Implementing Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring. Why wait for a system to fail when you can […]

Case Study: Advancements in HV Transformer Monitoring Through Partial Discharge Detection

The Evolution of Monitoring High Voltage Transformers High voltage (HV) transformers are the backbone of modern electrical grids, serving as crucial junctions in the distribution of power. However, they are not without their issues; partial discharge (PD) is a common problem that can lead to significant damage if not detected and addressed promptly. The challenge […]

Webinar: Latest Advances in HV Cable Accessories PD Monitoring

Access the webinar right now: ABOUT THIS EVENT Delve deep into the technical intricacies of Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring in High-Voltage (HV) cable joints with seasoned engineers and the pioneering team from Optics11. This session is centered around recent studies that highlight the effectiveness of the OptiFender in HV cable joint monitoring, utilizing Fiber Optic […]

OptiFender System: Revolutionizing PD Sensing with Unparalleled Benefits Over Traditional Methods

Introduction With the evolution of power transmission and distribution networks, the imperative to explore, evaluate, and employ advanced technologies for monitoring and safeguarding these crucial infrastructures has never been more paramount. The spotlight here falls upon the OptiFender system, ushering in a realm where Partial Discharge (PD) sensing not only becomes efficient but also exponentially […]

Exploring the Advanced Horizons of PD Sensing: Unveiling Its Critical Role Across Diverse Voltage Landscapes

The domain of Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring is increasingly recognized as a pivotal technology in the defense against premature degradation and unexpected failures within cable systems, particularly those within high-voltage (HV) transmission networks. However, the application of PD sensing transcends these traditional boundaries, offering valuable insights across a spectrum of voltage levels and operational sectors. […]