Exploring the Advanced Horizons of PD Sensing: Unveiling Its Critical Role Across Diverse Voltage Landscapes

The domain of Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring is increasingly recognized as a pivotal technology in the defense against premature degradation and unexpected failures within cable systems, particularly those within high-voltage (HV) transmission networks. However, the application of PD sensing transcends these traditional boundaries, offering valuable insights across a spectrum of voltage levels and operational sectors. […]

Transform Your Power Network with Optics11: The Future of High Voltage Monitoring

Overview In high voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) power networks, every component is interconnected. A fault in one area doesn’t just affect that zone; it can cause widespread issues across the entire system, potentially leading to extensive equipment damage. This discussion examines how a single failure can impact transformers, generators, and motors, highlighting […]

Webinar: Latest Advances in Transformer PD Monitoring

Access the webinar right now: Engage in a technical deep-dive with fellow engineers and Optics11 experts. Join us in a comprehensive discussion centered around the recent case studies illustrating advances in Transformer PD (Partial Discharge) Monitoring using Fiber Optic Sensing Principles. The session will not just introduce you to OptiFender but provide a platform to […]

Revolutionizing High-Voltage Cable Joint Monitoring with OptiFender System

High-voltage (HV) cable joints are critical components in our electrical infrastructure. Ensuring their integrity is of paramount importance to prevent failures and service interruptions. The recent study showcases a pioneering method for detecting partial discharges (PD) in these HV joints using OptiFender, a fiber optic-based acoustic emission PD sensor system. Key findings and highlights: In […]