Optics11 releases OptimAE, world’s first fiber optic Acoustic Emission system


Meet OptimAE

Optics11 is proud to present the world ‘s first fiber-optic Acoustic Emission sensing system: OptimAE.

OptimAE brings for the first time the benefits of fiber-optic sensing into the Acoustic Emission world. Thanks to the unique passive design of the 6300-series AE sensors, OptimAE enables AE measurements in the most challenging conditions, spacing from extreme temperatures, high voltages, radiations, to explosive hazardous areas.

6300-series AE sensors

The 6300-series sensors incorporate the latest Optics11 advances in transducer design. They are the first all-optical AE product on the market, and capable of matching the performance of state-of-the-art piezoelectric sensors.


The OptimAE software has been designed to get the best out of your OptimAE system. It integrates all the features an AE user could desire in an intuitive and user-friendly environment.

To meet the needs of advanced users, OptimAE file format is open. You can import the acquired data to your favourite environment to use custom detection and analysis algorithms.

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