High-frequency acoustics

High frequency acoustics Acoustic sensing for partial discharge monitoring The world’s first passive PD monitoring solution Overview Meet OptiFender Monitoring for transformers Monitoring for wind turnines Fiber optics vs. electrical systems OptiFender benefits Equipment Overview The significance of fiber optic acoustic sensing With applications ranging from structural health monitoring to medical imaging, acoustic sensing is […]


I4-series Interrogators Accuracy, stability, and SNR performance for all your optical fiber measurement projects. Overview Equipment Benefits Overview Your gateway to meaningful results Fiber optic FBG sensing is a well-established technology which provides a monitoring solution in challenging conditions where electric sensors have difficulties delivering. Nevertheless, existing optical sensing systems still struggle in delivering reliable […]

OptimAE – Acoustic Emission Sensing System

OptimAE Acoustic Emission Sensing System Fiber optic acoustic sensing technology deployable in the most challenging conditions. Acoustic Emission (AE) measurements for conditions, ranging from extreme temperatures, high voltages, and radiation, to explosive hazardous areas. Overview Equipment Benefits Applications Overview OptimAE – a game changing AE measuring system Acoustic emission (AE) is a well-established technique in […]

NoveFAZ – Structural health monitoring

NovaFAZ SHM Fiber optic structural health monitoring system Drastically increase critical asset’s lifetimes with our state-of-the-art fiber optic technology. Overview What is NovaFAZ The system What NovaFAZ SHM includes Overview What makes NovaFAZ the preferred choice for SHM ​Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a proactive way to monitor an asset and conduct predictive maintenance. SHM […]

OptiFender – Partial Discharge Monitoring System

OptiFender Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring system A partial discharge monitoring system for high voltage and medium voltage assets. Overview Critical Monitoring What is OptiFender How it Works Compared to Electric System What it Offers Equipment Overview Detect and monitor partial discharge using fiberoptics OptiFender is an innovative fiber optic sensing solution which enables partial discharge […]