Fiber optic structural health monitoring system

Drastically increase critical asset’s lifetimes with our state-of-the-art fiber optic technology.


What makes NovaFAZ the preferred choice for SHM

​Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a proactive way to monitor an asset and conduct predictive maintenance. SHM minimizes safety and financial risks as it allows you to collect real-time data and extend the asset’s lifetime. High-value data enables a larger return on investment.

Improved cost of
Reliable lifetime extension
NoveFaz SHM
Electrical system
Wireless system
Other fiberoptic systems
EMI immunity
Simplified cabling
Remote locations
No power required
Multiple parameters
NovaFAZ, a structural health monitoring system

Real-time reliable data about your asset health

NovaFAZ SHM is an innovative fiber optic monitoring system, measuring the health status of structural assets. It gathers true actionable data in real time about your asset’s health in any condition. It provides an exceptional stability of measurements for years combined with long-term data reliability.

Structural monitoring and predictive maintanance of critical infrsatrucutre

The system

What is NovaFAZ?

What is NovaFAZ?

NovaFAZ operates based on a patented FBG technology that is enabled by using high-speed and high-precision tuneable laser-based optical interrogation system. The internal referencing system allows for superior static and dynamic measurement performance.

NovaFAZ monitors your asset health in real time​

Optical sensors are installed at critical points of your asset for continuous health monitoring. The system supports data recording in real time, the data can then be distributed to the client for further interpretation.​
The interrogator has no moving parts resulting in top reliability over a broad temperature range and forms an integral part of a rugged and reliable sensing system

Patented FBG technology for superior SHM.

NovaFAZ SHM includes:

NovaFAZ sensors

Fiber optic sensors: acceleration, strain, temperature, tilt, displacement + Acquisition unit (4 channels; 16 channels)​

FBG interrogator

Processing unit

Cabling infrastructure

Complete cabling infrastructure


Support integration with 3rd part cloud service

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