Acoustic Emission Sensing System

Fiber optic acoustic sensing technology deployable in the most challenging conditions. Acoustic Emission (AE) measurements for conditions, ranging from extreme temperatures, high voltages, and radiation, to explosive hazardous areas.


OptimAE – a game changing AE measuring system

Acoustic emission (AE) is a well-established technique in the fields of non-destructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM). The intrinsic limitations of electrical transducers have limited its fields of application in many industries.
By overcoming the constraints of existing classic electric systems, OptimAE opens new measurement scenarios in extreme conditions and extends the benefits of acoustic emission to new industries.


OptimAE interrogator

The OptimAE interrogator is a modular readout that allows the capture of the most prominent acoustic emission features and gets the best out of the 6300 series AE sensors.

6300 series sensors

The 6300 series sensors are designed to deal with the most challenging environments, for example extreme temperatures, high voltage zones, radiation (EMI) and explosive hazardous areas (ATEX zones).

OptimAE software

The OptimAE software package integrates all the features an AE user could desire in an intuitive and user-friendly environment.


OptimAE – a game changing AE measuring system

OptimAE delivers the great benefits of fiber optic sensing while offering the same ease of use, reliability, and flexibility of state-of-the-art electric systems. Including a modular acquisition unit, a broad sensor portfolio and a dedicated AE software package. OptimAE can answer the needs of all users from lab-scale to industrial large-scale solutions.
The unique interferometry measurement principle and the advanced transducer design allows OptimAE to achieve state-of-the-art sensitivity, competing with the best electrical systems available on the market.

Passive Sensors

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Immune to HV fields
  • No power at sensing location

Harsh Environments

  • Completely passive transducer
  • Crystal clear signal in any environment
  • Consistent measurements and reliable data

EMI immunity

  • Completely passive transducer
  • Crystal clear signal in any environment
  • Consistent measurements and reliable data

Outperforming any conventional system

Performance even in the most challenging operational environments

OptimAE is the world’s first fiber-optic Acoustic Emission sensing system.


Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring solutions to detect damage of an engineering structure.

Condition monitoring

Solutions to monitor the operating conditions of machinery and prevent critical faults


Solutions that offer significant advantages in the energy and power industry


Sensing solutions to verify whether new high-end technologies and systems are ready for deployment in the field.