World-Class Expert PD Monitoring Made Accessible.

With Optifender MaaS, you don’t need to be a PD expert to understand the health of your assets. Our Optics11 PD-Experts handle all the complex monitoring tasks, providing you with clear, actionable insights.

What is OptiFender MaaS?

Optifender Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) streamlines asset management and elevates operational efficiency with expert-driven partial discharge (PD) analysis, significant cost savings, adaptable scalability, proactive risk mitigation, and customized service options designed to meet your specific requirements.

This approach is crucial as it directly influences your financial performance, minimizing downtime and expenses while improving the reliability and lifespan of your assets.

OptiFender MaaS makes strategic investments in the health and performance of your infrastructure easy.


Hassle-Free Monitoring with Optifender Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Our service is designed to simplify your operations. Once you’re onboard, our team takes over the monitoring process, ensuring your assets are under constant watch. You don’t have to do anything – just sit back and receive regular expert updates about your assets’ health.

Your Benefits
Expert Insights

Benefit from our expert knowledge. No need for in-depth PD monitoring know-how—our skilled team has you covered, ensuring optimal monitoring outcomes with ease.

Enhanced Detection and Localization

Benefit from advanced technology that accurately detects and pinpoints issues, facilitating precise maintenance actions.

Cost Efficiency

Save on upfront and ongoing expenses, as MaaS eliminates the need for significant capital investment and reduces maintenance costs.

Secure Data Management

Trust in a system that prioritizes the security of your operational data, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Actionable Recommendations

Receive practical advice based on in-depth analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly.

In-depth Analysis

Explore your monitoring data with thorough analysis that uncovers essential insights about your assets, providing you with the knowledge to act decisively.

Remote Accessibility

Manage your monitoring needs from anywhere, at any time, providing convenience and flexibility.

24/7 Asset Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind with round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring continuous oversight of your assets.

Monitor an Entire Substation

Extend your monitoring capabilities to cover a full substation, ensuring comprehensive oversight and control.

The Revolution

Easy and Fast to Install

Monitor an Entire HV-Substation with One Unit.

What is OptiFender

OptiFender: The most advanced industrial fiber optic based partial discharge monitoring system.

Its unique patented technology delivers a highly reliable fiber optic solution, while keeping the same performance as state-of-the-art electrical systems.

PD Monitoring for High Voltage Assets.

OptiFender allows to monitor a complete HV substation for partial discharge.


Identify and localize PD sources to diagnose and monitor transformers.

Switchgear and Terminations

Detect partial discharge in cable terminations and switchgear.

How does it work

Passive Fiber Optic PD Sensor for Accurate Monitoring

OptiFender measures the acoustic emission signals of partial discharges and tracks their evolution over time with fiber optic PD sensors. The measuring principle behind the fiber optic PD sensor is based on  acoustic emission technology.
The small and completely passive sensors can be easily installed on any kind of asset, enabling the detection of close-by internal and surface partial discharges.
The acoustic emission signals acquired by the sensor is transmitted to the acquisition unit through a standard telecommunication optical fiber. The acquired data is then displayed and analyzed through the dedicated software.

PD Localization

Partial Discharge Localization

The OptiFender® system enables the precise localization of Partial Discharge (PD) sources with accuracy down to the centimeter level.

Harnessing this high-precision capability, OptiFender® empowers maintenance teams to effectively identify and prioritize critical areas for intervention, ensuring optimal transformer health and longevity of the affected components.

What OptiFender offers

EMI immunity

  • Fiber optic sensors are immune to electromagnetic interference at the substation
  • Crystal clear signal in any environment
  • Consistent measurements and reliable data

Remote locations

  • Acquisition unit and sensors can be spaced tens of kilometres apart
  • Monitoring of remote HV assets
  • Simple cabling to cover long distances

Easy installation

  • Uninterrupted equipment operations during installation
  • Safe, galvanically-isolated sensor
  • No technically complex training needed
  • Small and lightweight sensor

No power required

  • Completely passive transducer
  • No pre-amplifiers needed
  • Fiber optic sensors do not require any electrical power

Daisy Chaining

Efficient Monitoring with Daisy-Chain Capabilities

The OptiFender® system introduces a streamlined approach to monitoring with its innovative daisy-chaining capability. 

By allowing multiple sensors to be interconnected along a single fiber optic line, it simplifies the setup while extending the monitoring reach. This setup can be strategically managed from the substation control room, where the acquisition unit centralizes data from sensors located even kilometers away. 

Utilizing standard telecommunication optical fibers, the system offers a seamless, robust connection that ensures real-time data acquisition and analysis. With the ability to monitor a substantial number of sensors through a single acquisition unit, OptiFender® sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability in the field of asset monitoring.

How does it compare to an electric system

Measuring internal Partial Discharge At PDIV and PDEV

Our revolutionising technology allows us to detect even the slightest indications of PD. Our success is not only demonstrated through the work we do with our clients but through our peer-reviewed research as well.

Optics11 PD Experts

Dr. Hamed Hashemi Dezaki

Partial Discharge (PD) Lead
Dr. Dezaki's research and industrial interests include high voltage engineering, PD tests, smart grids, CPS, microgrids, distribution systems, renewable energies, power system studies, protection, reliability, optimization, and functional safety, with achievements in PD monitoring, smart grid projects, supervising theses, power system simulations, teaching, managing numerous testing and inspection projects, and authoring peer-reviewed papers, as detailed on his Google Scholar profile.

Dr. Aydin Zadeh

Engineering Manager
Dr. Zadeh, with a PhD in fiber optic sensing and signal processing and a diverse background in electronics, mechanics, and aerospace engineering, leads application engineering at Optics11, driving innovation in fiber optic sensing solutions for energy, power grid, infrastructure, and industrial process monitoring.

Dr. Nikita Lebedev

Applied Data Scientist
Dr. Lebedev is an Applied Data Scientist, experienced in data analysis algorithms for product integration and proof of concept, leveraging his experimental physics background and Python skills to help prevent critical failures, while also providing demos, training, reports, and supporting sales and R&D teams to advance insights in energy systems.

PD Expert Report

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

We believe in making complex data understandable. Our custom reports are not just detailed but also easy to comprehend, helping you make informed decisions about your assets. With Optifender MaaS, you get the results without the hassle.

Remember, with Optifender MaaS, you’re not just getting a service, you’re gaining a partner committed to the longevity of your infrastructure. Let us handle the complexities of PD monitoring while you focus on what you do best.

Questions and Answers


Optifender MaaS significantly reduces your total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for capital expenses and ongoing maintenance costs. It’s an economical solution for your temporary or project-based monitoring needs.

Absolutely! Optifender MaaS offers scalable services that can be easily adjusted up or down to match your specific requirements, ensuring you have the right amount of resources when you need them.

No, you don’t. With Optifender MaaS, you gain access to our specialized expertise and support, ensuring you receive accurate PD analysis and recommendations without the overhead of in-house specialists.

Our service provides early detection and diagnosis of potential issues, which helps minimize downtime and repair costs. This proactive approach to asset management significantly mitigates risks for your projects.

Yes, it is. We offer tailored service packages and reporting options that are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring your satisfaction and the development of a long-term partnership.

PD (Partial Discharge) monitoring helps prevent unplanned downtime, avoiding revenue loss, regulatory fines, increased insurance premiums, and damage to a utility company’s reputation by identifying potential high voltage assets failures before they occur.

PD sensing plays a crucial role in predictive and preventative maintenance, as well as in system reliability. PD monitoring enhances power system reliability through the early detection of potential failures. It helps prevent catastrophic failures, facilitates predictive maintenance, and extends the life of assets.

Yes, a failure, especially in HV and EHV systems, can stress redundant cable systems and generation sites, potentially causing cascading issues across the network and necessitating rapid emergency response to prevent widespread asset damage.

The OptiFender solution for PD sensing is applicable to all voltage levels from Medium Voltage (MV) to Extra High Voltage (EHV) without impacting the implementation cost of the system. This becomes especially advantageous for HV and EHV systems, as traditional PD monitoring solutions tend to become exponentially more costly as the voltage level increases.

Implementing PD sensing for vital assets and HV equipment is a key element in a comprehensive preventative maintenance strategy. While conventional tools like current, voltage, and temperature sensing are valuable, they lack the accuracy provided by PD monitoring. Almost 40% of substation transformer failures are due to dielectric breakdown, and 75% of cable system failures (excluding external physical forces) are also due to dielectric breakdown. Integrating PD sensing is essential for a detailed evaluation of asset health, guaranteeing a robust and forward-thinking maintenance approach.

OptiFender offers numerous advantages, such as cost-effectiveness across various voltage levels, adaptability to different voltage levels, accurate PD localization capabilities, retrofitting features, passive sensors that don’t need power at the sensing location, immunity to EMI and electrical background noise, long-distance operation, and precise PD sensing, allowing for immediate identification of the PD source in HV and EHV assets.

“As a service company dedicated to maintaining TSO substations, we’ve found the OptiFender product to be an exceptional tool in our arsenal. The process of integrating OptiFender into our workflow was smooth, and the quality of analysis from the PD experts has been consistently high. It’s made a significant difference in how we service substations, providing us with a reliable and effective solution for our TSO clients”

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