New Product Launch: Towards safe and uninterrupted service of power grids with OptiFender

Mario Sorgente (left) and Sefa Bitik (right) at OptiFender product demo

Partial discharge can cause major failures in the modern electrical power grid, causing unplanned outages and costly repairs if unnoticed. Today, these challenges can be solved with Optics11’s new OptiFender, an innovative fiber optic sensing solution which detects partial discharge online in challenging environments, increasing asset safety, while decreasing maintenance costs.  

Ensure safe operation of your high voltage asset with OptiFender

New product launch by Optics11OptiFender, is a partial discharge monitoring solution that provides 24/7 surveillance of the asset, ranging from high voltage cable accessories, power transformers, GIS, and rotating machines.

New OptiFender PD sensor and magnetic clamp

OptiFender PD sensors are passive, immune to electromagnetic interference, and non-metallic.  Since the sensors avoid any galvanic path and do not need to be grounded, this allows for PD measurements in areas which would be impossible with conventional technologies. 

Fiber optic PD sensors that work based on the acoustic emission principle are completely passive without any power required at the sensing location. Multiple sensors can be run for tens of kilometers from the acquisition unit along the asset measuring PD with pinpoint accuracy. 

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With a dedicated magnetic clamp, the sensor can be easily attached to a high voltage transformer, GIS or reactor. It enables intuitive and straightforward installation of the OptiFender PD sensor for reliable system operation.  

OptiFender thrives in challenging environments with high electromagnetic interference and covers long distances. If you are looking for a system to monitor your high voltage asset with reliable data in real-time, OptiFender is the ideal solution

Mario Sorgente, Product Manager of OptiFender shares his perspective on the recent launch:

We are focused on meeting the needs of high voltage asset owners. The launch of OptiFender represents a major milestone for Optics11. By providing a fiber optic solution for partial discharge detection, we improve safety of operation while decreasing maintenance costs.

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