Securing the Future of Maritime Protection


In the face of evolving maritime threats and the increasing need to protect undersea critical infrastructure, the leaders of defense have set their sights on leveraging cutting-edge technology. Today, we’re highlighting the pivotal role OPTICS11, a global leader in advanced fiber optic sensing systems, plays in transforming maritime defense.

Safeguarding Critical Undersea Infrastructure with Advanced Optical Technology

10 European countries recently joined forces to enhance their maritime security capabilities, aligning their efforts to better protect critical infrastructure at sea. A particular focus was the security of underwater assets such as cables, pipelines, and wind farms. As maritime threats evolve, the need for advanced, reliable, and versatile solutions to secure these assets is crucial. OPTICS11 is rising to this challenge with its innovative optical sensing systems.

Why Optic-Fiber Sensors?

The optic-fiber sensors developed by OPTICS11 bring significant advantages over traditional electric sensors. They provide extended range without needing additional power for more hydrophones. Their durable construction makes them resistant to corrosive liquids and short circuits, ensuring reliable performance in the harshest environments. EMI and EMC immune, they guarantee undisturbed operation without interference.

Furthermore, these sensors are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Their design is simple and robust, with a low part count, facilitating straightforward maintenance and operation.

Superior Underwater Surveillance and Monitoring

OPTICS11 offers an all-optical system designed to secure maritime assets. It’s versatile enough to be used in various applications, from harbor protection to offshore infrastructure monitoring. This system integrates underwater sensors for comprehensive monitoring and incorporates above-water data sources for an accurate understanding of the maritime environment, supporting informed decision-making.

The technology allows for the detection of fast-moving vessels and active sensors, such as UAV sonar. The result is unparalleled protection for critical maritime assets.

The Future of Underwater Security: OPTICS11 at the Forefront

At OPTICS11, the focus is on turning data into actionable intelligence. The company leverages its unique patented technology to provide state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing systems that excel in harsh maritime conditions.

OPTICS11’s technology captures even the slightest strain down to femtometer levels induced by acoustic waves, providing exceptional sensitivity. With this technology, they are playing a critical role in driving the future of underwater security and enabling nations to safeguard their maritime interests.

The company operates from its headquarters in Amsterdam, with an R&D center in Dublin. It continues to empower defense industry entities with precise and reliable measurement tools, ensuring the highest level of maritime protection.

Connect with OPTICS11

Want to know how OPTICS11’s advanced fiber optic sensing systems can secure your maritime assets? Connect with the team at +31 20 809 6002, email at or visit the website

The developments in the defense landscape underline the need for innovative solutions in maritime security. As OPTICS11 continues to lead the way with its advanced optical technology, it underscores the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technology to safeguard critical assets and build a safer future.



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