OptiFender System: Revolutionizing PD Sensing with Unparalleled Benefits Over Traditional Methods

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With the evolution of power transmission and distribution networks, the imperative to explore, evaluate, and employ advanced technologies for monitoring and safeguarding these crucial infrastructures has never been more paramount. The spotlight here falls upon the OptiFender system, ushering in a realm where Partial Discharge (PD) sensing not only becomes efficient but also exponentially more optimized compared to traditional methods. What merits does the OptiFender system extend over its conventional counterparts, particularly in the context of PD sensing?

Chapter 1: Pricing Model – A Cost-Effective Approach to PD Sensing

While pricing considerations might often dictate technological choices, the OptiFender system challenges and remolds this paradigm with a distinct pricing advantage.

A Uniform Pricing Percept Across Voltage Levels

Unlike traditional methods such as High-Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT) or capacitive sensors, which witness an exponential price surge particularly in Extra High Voltage (EHV) networks compared to Medium Voltage (MV) systems, OptiFender ensures the price per sensing point remains unlinked with voltage levels, offering financial prudence.

Chapter 2: Versatility in Retrofitting and Embedding Sensors

Embracing modernity should not necessitate cumbersome overhauls. The OptiFender system emphasizes this principle, enabling seamless integration with existing infrastructures.

Flexible and Non-intrusive Integration

Sensors can be retrofitted on the outside of assets and, if need be, embedded within, facilitating a non-disruptive and versatile approach towards upgrading your PD sensing capabilities without necessitating extensive modifications to existing assets.

Chapter 3: Autonomous Sensing – Empowering Passive Sensors

A streamlined, hassle-free approach towards PD sensing is embodied through the OptiFender system’s passive sensors, negating the need for power at the sensing locations and ensuring reliable, continuous monitoring.

Chapter 4: Resilience Amidst Electro-Magnetic Interference

Navigating through the electrically vibrant environments of substation areas, the OptiFender system stands resilient against Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Unperturbed Performance in Electrically Noisy Environments

Despite the electrifying hustle and potential EMI in substation areas, OptiFender assures no degradation in performance, safeguarding against false positives and ensuring precise PD detection and monitoring.

Chapter 5: Achieving Long Distances and Localized PD Sensing

Distance and precision coalesce through the OptiFender system, offering an optimal blend of expansive coverage and localized sensing.

Spanning Across and Pin-Pointing Within

With the capability to cover long distances and concurrently ensure localized PD sensing, the system allows for instantaneous pin-pointing of PD sources within the network, ensuring rapid response capabilities.

Chapter 6: Precision in PD Localization Within Large Assets

Large HV and EHV assets like transformers and reactors can conceal PD sources, yet the OptiFender system slices through this challenge, ensuring precise localization of PD.

Ensuring Integrity and Performance of Critical Assets

The ability to precisely localize PD within these monumental assets ensures their integrity, performance, and longevity, safeguarding against potential catastrophic failures and operational disruptions.


In the intricate and critical world of power networks, where reliability and continuity form the linchpin of societal functionality, the OptiFender system emerges as a beacon of technological advancement. With its cost-effective, versatile, passive, resilient, precise, and expansive PD sensing capabilities, it doesn’t merely serve as a technological upgrade but as a strategic enhancement to safeguarding our power networks. As we tread into the future, where the demand and dependency on power networks will only intensify, embracing technologies like OptiFender ensures we are not merely participants in this electrically vibrant future but empowered custodians, safeguarding and illuminating every pulse of power coursing through our civilizations.

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