Fiber-Optic and Piezoelectric Acoustic Emission Sensors: Performance Comparison

Fiber optic sensors

Acoustic emission testing is one of the non-destructive techniques Optics11 AE system OptimAE can be used for. Learn more how OptimAE performed in laboratory tests against piezoelectrical acoustic sensors and what advantages it brings.

Download paper “Optics11-CETIM – Performance Comparison between FO and PZT AE sensors”

Paper by Optics11 experts Mario Sorgente, Aydin R. Zadeh together with Abdelkrim Saidoun from CETIM, “Performance Comparison Between Fiber-Optic and Piezoelectric Acoustic Emission Sensors” gives an overview of the tests conducted with OptimAE to evaluate performance of fiber optic acoustic sensors versus state-of-the-art PZT sensors.

The tests included performance comparison in:

– sensitivity

– directivity

– localization accuracy

The fiber-optic system OptimAE showed equal results to the PZT electrical system, demonstrating that OptimAE may bring the benefits of cutting-edge AE testing to extreme temperatures, high voltages, radiation, and explosive dangerous locations.

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