Securing the Future of Maritime Protection

In the face of evolving maritime threats and the increasing need to protect undersea critical infrastructure, the leaders of defense have set their sights on leveraging cutting-edge technology. Today, we’re highlighting the pivotal role OPTICS11, a global leader in advanced fiber optic sensing systems, plays in transforming maritime defense. Safeguarding Critical Undersea Infrastructure with Advanced […]

Embracing a New Era of Defense: Safeguarding the North Sea Infrastructure

As reported in recent news, the Dutch cabinet is considering the reinforcement of the defense role in protecting the North Sea’s vital infrastructure. This move, driven by the increasing recognition of potential threats to offshore resources such as cables, pipelines, and wind farms, is indeed a step in the right direction. The vulnerability of these […]

How Ukraine war exposes vulnerability of the Netherlands – EW

Walrus-Class Submarine In The North Sea. Photo: Gerben Van Es How Ukraine war exposes vulnerability of the Netherlands The Netherlands also appears to be vulnerable due to cables that are easy to sabotage, GPS that is easy to disturb and industrial dependence on salt. Fortunately, something can be done about it. EW talked to techies […]

Defending Our Oceans: How OPTICS11’s Breakthrough Technology Outsmarts North Korea’s Deadly Underwater Drones

North Korea has recently unveiled its new suicide Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) named “Haeil,” which state media KCNA suggests is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. With these drones posing an alarming threat to strategically important locations and fleets of warships, it’s vital that we evolve our defense tactics to be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances. […]

Innovative Dutch Hydrophones Protect Submarine Cables from Sabotage Threats

[Amsterdam, Netherlands] – As concerns grow over the vulnerabilities of offshore assets like energy islands, pipelines and submarine internet cables (as seen on OP1NPO, rtlnieuws ), fiber optic sensing technology is emerging as a solution to protect these vital infrastructure assets. Fiber optic hydrophones, which use optical fibers to detect changes in pressure, can be […]

New Product Launch: Towards safe and uninterrupted service of power grids with OptiFender

Partial discharge can cause major failures in the modern electrical power grid, causing unplanned outages and costly repairs if unnoticed. Today, these challenges can be solved with Optics11’s new OptiFender, an innovative fiber optic sensing solution which detects partial discharge online in challenging environments, increasing asset safety, while decreasing maintenance costs.   Ensure safe operation of […]

Optics11 raises €5 million for commercial expansion of industrial sensor business

Optics11 Team

Optics11, the maker of game-changing sensor technology for critical environments, today announced a new venture round of €5 million led by new investor and returning investor Value Creation Capital. In connection with the raise, Juha Van Riet will step into the CEO role to grow the industrial sensor company’s global commercial operations and expand its product and solution […]

Application Engineer at Optics11 – a story by Nikita

We continue our series Employee Spotlight. Today, we would like to introduce to you one of our Application Engineers – Nikita Lebedev, who joined Optics11 last year and is excited to share his insights into the role and the business. What are your responsibilities as an Application Engineer? I work with an acoustic emission system […]

Leave costly inspections in the past. OptiFender monitors partial discharge in real time

OptiFender– is a revolutionary fiber optic sensing system that monitors high voltage assets in real-time and detects and localizes partial discharge. Thanks to advantages of the underlying fiber optic technology, high voltage fields (HV) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) do not affect performance of OptiFender, and as a result, system measurements are precise, repeatable, and reliable! […]