Defending Our Oceans: How OPTICS11’s Breakthrough Technology Outsmarts North Korea’s Deadly Underwater Drones


North Korea has recently unveiled its new suicide Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) named “Haeil,” which state media KCNA suggests is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. With these drones posing an alarming threat to strategically important locations and fleets of warships, it’s vital that we evolve our defense tactics to be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances. OPTICS11, a leading global supplier of cutting-edge fiber optic sensing systems, offers the ideal solution to help safeguard our vital assets offshore.

Haeil: The New Standard in North Korea’s Suicidal Strategy

According to KCNA, North Korea has been developing the Haeil underwater drone since 2012, with more than 50 test launches and Full Operational Capabilities achieved by December 2022. These “secret weapons” are designed to secretly sail into enemy territory, causing a super-strong radioactive tsunami with an underwater nuclear explosion, destroying strategically important enemy ports and warship groups.

The unveiling of Haeil is likely in response to the Ukrainian Navy’s attack on Russian warships docked at the port of Sevastopol a couple of months ago. As North Korea advances its naval combat capabilities, it’s essential that we also evolve our defense tactics to counter this growing threat.

OPTICS11: The Most Fitting Solution for Underwater Defense

OPTICS11’s state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing systems provide unmatched performance in the most challenging environments, including underwater acoustics, non-destructive testing (NDT) research, and structural health monitoring (SHM) of critical infrastructure. Their innovative solutions and insights transform data into action, enabling informed, data-driven decisions that drive progress and improve the world around us.

The company’s portfolio includes the revolutionary OTADES thin line array hydrophone solution, which offers unprecedented precision in underwater acoustic systems. With smaller diameter individual hydrophones that use only light, the patented fiber optic technology allows for faster deployment and increased operational uptime.

OPTICS11’s technology has a wide range of applications, including submarines, AUVs, geographic surveys, and sensor systems for monitoring underwater activity. Their collaboration with the defense industry highlights the relevance and importance of their technology in securing and protecting vital assets.

Conclusion: Countering the Underwater Threat with OPTICS11

As North Korea continues to develop and deploy advanced underwater weapons like the Haeil suicide AUV, it is crucial that we are prepared to counter these emerging threats. OPTICS11’s cutting-edge fiber optic sensing systems offer the ideal solution, providing unmatched performance in challenging environments while empowering the defense industry with the tools they need to protect vital assets.

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