Optics11 and the Critical Entities Resilience Group (CERG): A Partnership for Enhanced Infrastructure Resilience

Introduction In the context of the EU’s Directive on the Resilience of Critical Entities and the formation of the Critical Entities Resilience Group (CERG), the role of innovative technology companies like Optics11 becomes increasingly crucial. Optics11, with its expertise in fiber optic sensing systems, is uniquely positioned to support CERG’s mission in enhancing the resilience […]

Celebrating Optics11’s Winning Contribution to the EDF-funded SCUALE and CASSATA Projects

We are excited to announce our participation in the SCUALE and CASSATA projects, funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF). These innovative programs aim to revolutionize the defense technology and equipment landscape, bolstering research and development efforts while fostering innovative breakthroughs. Here’s an insight into our involvement in these projects and how we’re contributing towards […]

How OPTICS11’s OTADES Transforms the Capabilities of XLUUVs

In today’s challenging underwater landscapes, the need for advanced sensing technologies that meet the demands of Extra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (XLUUVs) has never been greater. In response to this, OPTICS11 has developed a revolutionary solution that stands at the intersection of innovative optical fiber technology and rigorous engineering: the Optical Thin Array Detection System […]

Securing the Future of Maritime Protection

In the face of evolving maritime threats and the increasing need to protect undersea critical infrastructure, the leaders of defense have set their sights on leveraging cutting-edge technology. Today, we’re highlighting the pivotal role OPTICS11, a global leader in advanced fiber optic sensing systems, plays in transforming maritime defense. Safeguarding Critical Undersea Infrastructure with Advanced […]

Embracing a New Era of Defense: Safeguarding the North Sea Infrastructure

As reported in recent news, the Dutch cabinet is considering the reinforcement of the defense role in protecting the North Sea’s vital infrastructure. This move, driven by the increasing recognition of potential threats to offshore resources such as cables, pipelines, and wind farms, is indeed a step in the right direction. The vulnerability of these […]