Webinar: Latest Advances in HV Cable Accessories PD Monitoring

Access the webinar right now: ABOUT THIS EVENT Delve deep into the technical intricacies of Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring in High-Voltage (HV) cable joints with seasoned engineers and the pioneering team from Optics11. This session is centered around recent studies that highlight the effectiveness of the OptiFender in HV cable joint monitoring, utilizing Fiber Optic […]

OptiFender System: Revolutionizing PD Sensing with Unparalleled Benefits Over Traditional Methods

Introduction With the evolution of power transmission and distribution networks, the imperative to explore, evaluate, and employ advanced technologies for monitoring and safeguarding these crucial infrastructures has never been more paramount. The spotlight here falls upon the OptiFender system, ushering in a realm where Partial Discharge (PD) sensing not only becomes efficient but also exponentially […]

Beyond PD Sensing: Crafting a Comprehensive Shield for Power Network’s Critical Assets

Introduction Exploring the depths of power network management, one enthralling question dances around the curiosity of technologists and network managers alike: Is Partial Discharge (PD) sensing on critical assets sufficiently armoring our networks against the potential specter of failure? While PD sensing provides a robust layer of defense, unveiling the complete picture demands a dive […]

Navigating the Landscape of PD Sensing: Exploring the Necessity Across Various Cable Systems

Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring: a technology rapidly becoming indispensable in safeguarding cable systems against premature failures and unanticipated downtimes, particularly within high-voltage (HV) transmission cables. But is the utility of PD sensing limited only to this scope? Let’s delve into exploring its application across different voltage levels and sectors. Tackling the High-Voltage Realm: 220 kV […]

Envisioning the Future of Power Transmission: PD Sensing as the Proactive Guardian of Electrical Infrastructures

Introduction Navigating through the sophisticated landscape of power transmission, utility providers continually grapple with ensuring an unwavering power supply to the grids of cities, towns, and industries. With an array of possibilities enveloping the universe of Partial Discharge (PD) sensing, a pivotal question takes center stage: What can truly be achieved through proactive PD sensing, […]

Webinar: Latest Advances in Transformer PD Monitoring

Access the webinar right now: Engage in a technical deep-dive with fellow engineers and Optics11 experts. Join us in a comprehensive discussion centered around the recent case studies illustrating advances in Transformer PD (Partial Discharge) Monitoring using Fiber Optic Sensing Principles. The session will not just introduce you to OptiFender but provide a platform to […]

Revolutionizing High-Voltage Cable Joint Monitoring with OptiFender System

High-voltage (HV) cable joints are critical components in our electrical infrastructure. Ensuring their integrity is of paramount importance to prevent failures and service interruptions. The recent study showcases a pioneering method for detecting partial discharges (PD) in these HV joints using OptiFender, a fiber optic-based acoustic emission PD sensor system. Key findings and highlights: In […]

Celebrating Optics11’s Winning Contribution to the EDF-funded SCUALE and CASSATA Projects

We are excited to announce our participation in the SCUALE and CASSATA projects, funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF). These innovative programs aim to revolutionize the defense technology and equipment landscape, bolstering research and development efforts while fostering innovative breakthroughs. Here’s an insight into our involvement in these projects and how we’re contributing towards […]