NF-series sensors

Fiber Optic Sensors for NovaFAZ SHM

Benefit from the passive nature of fiber optic technology by using the NF-series sensors, part of NovaFAZ SHM monitoring system that measure assets condition in real time with unmatched precision and high reliability

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Sensing the slightest change of your asset state

The NF series fiber optic sensors as part of the NovaFAZ SHM system, guarantee precise monitoring  of asset’s condition in extreme environments. The NF series sensors can measure both low and high frequency characteristics: temperature, tilt, strain, displacement, acceleration and vibration.

Unique advantages of fiber optic technology provide a set of qualities that are valuable in real life. They are passive by nature and do not require power at the sensing points, can be daisy chained to reach long distances, that allow simple cabling and result in more effective installation process.

Installation advantages of NovaFAZ NF-series sensors

Highly optimized cabling thanks to the unique properties of fiber optics ​

  • Daisy chain sensors on a single fiber​
  • Multiple fibers combined in one cable
  • Sensors are placed at critical points of the asset
  • Different type of sensors combined in a single system​
  • Monitoring not compromised by weather conditions (lightning, humidity, rain etc)

NF-series Fiber Optic Sensors Catalog

FBG interrogator

NFT 30- Temperature sensor

High accuracy fiber-based temperature sensor. For use in harsh environments from -40°C to +150°C. Sensor can be daisy chained. Additionally ruggedized version available.


FBG interrogator

NFA-20 Accelerometer

High accuracy and sensitivity  fiber-based packaged general purpose accelerometer. It can be daisy chained.


FBG interrogator

NFA-10 High-shock accelerometer

High shock proof, wide frequency range, high accuracy packaged accelerometer. It can be daisy chained.


FBG interrogator

NFS-20 Surface strain and temperature sensor

Fiber-based surface strain and temperature sensor for use in environments from -20°C to +60°C. Sensor can be daisy chained.


FBG interrogator

NFL-10 Rugged tilt sensor

High sensitivity sensor designed for monitoring the slow tilt of the civil and geo structures. Designed for mounting on walls and platforms.

FBG interrogator

NFD-10 Displacement sensor

Fiber-based packaged rugged displacement sensor for use in environments from -20°C to +60°C

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