Structural Health Monitoring System

Get ahead with game-changing NovaFAZ monitoring solutions.​ A disruptive way to achieve reliable asset’s lifetime extension by using state-of-the-art fiber optic technology

Let your assets do the talking

→ NovaFAZ SHM: Structural Health Monitoring System

Why do you need our monitoring solution?

​Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a proactive way to control an asset’s condition and get ahead with planning timely. SHM minimizes safety and financial risks as it allows you to collect real-time data and extend the asset lifetime. High-value data enables a larger return on investment.

NovaFAZ SHM provides you with:

  • Reliable asset’s lifetime extension
  • Safety of people and your asset
  • Triple cost reduction
    • Cost of hardware
    • Cost of installation
    • Cost of ownership

    → NovaFAZ SHM: Structural Health Monitoring System

    Real-time reliable data about your asset health

    4 unique benefits of OptimAE PD: EMI immunity; Remote Locations; Easy Installation; No power required at sensing locations

    NovaFAZ SHM is an innovative fiber optic system monitoring health of civil assets. It gathers true actionable data in real time about your asset’s health in any condition. It provides an exceptional stability of measurements for years combined with long-term data reliability.

    Benefits of fiber optic continuous monitoring at its best:

    • EMI immunity: immune to electromagnetic interference 
    • Simplified cabling: multiple fibers in a single cable
    • Remote locations: distances up to 10km
    • No power required at sensing location
    • Multiple parameters monitored simultaneously with the same readout
    • Weather-proof: designed for outdoor harsh conditions 

      NovaFAZ has all your civil structures covered with ease

      NovaFAZ allows you to measure acceleration, strain, temperature, displacement and tilt at critical points of your asset

      What is NovaFAZ SHM?

      Technology behind NovaFAZ SHM

      NovaFAZ operates based on a patented FBG technology that is enabled by using high-speed and high-precision tuneable laser-based optical interrogation system. The internal referencing system allows for superior static and dynamic measurement performance.

      NovaFAZ monitors your asset health in real time

      Optical sensors are installed at critical points of your asset for continuous health monitoring. The system supports data recording in real time, the data can then be distributed to the client for further interpretation.

      The interrogator has no moving parts resulting in top reliability over a broad temperature range and forms an integral part of a rugged and reliable sensing system

      NovaFAZ SHM includes:

      • Fiber optic sensors: acceleration, strain, temperature, tilt, displacement
      • Complete cabling infrastructure
      • Acquisition unit (4 channels; 16 channels)​
      • Processing unit
      • Support integration with 3rd part cloud service
      OptimAE PD product

      Why will you like NovaFAZ SHM?

      Description of OptimAE benefit

      EMI immunity

      • Completely passive transducer
      • Crystal clear signal in any environment
      • Consistent measurements and reliable data
      Long distance benefit of OptimAE

      Remote locations

      • Acquisition unit and sensors can be spaced several kilometers apart​
      • No pre-amplifiers required 
      No power required for OptimAE PD at sensing location

      No power required

      • No power needed at sensing location
      • All sensors are passive and power is only needed for an acquisition unit
      benefit of OptimAE PD solution

      Simplified cabling

      • Sensor can be installed in a daisy chain 
      • Mulitple fibers can be combined in a single cable for a greater reach
      • Small & lightweight sensors
      Description of OptimAE benefit


      • Sensors can withstand extreme temperatures​
      • Performance is not affected by lightning, radiation & others
      Long distance benefit of OptimAE

      Multi-parameter measurement

      • One system can combine sensors to control different parameters
      • Measurements are done simultaneously with a single system

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      FBG interrogator I4-series

      The I4 series FBG interrogators provide the ultimate solution for all your fiber optic sensing projects. Providing unmatched precision, noise-floor, and accuracy, the I4 series deliver the performance that all sensing systems require to turn into a reliable monitoring solution.

      NF-series fiber optic sensors

      The fiber optic sensors are designed to deal with the most challenging environments, for example extreme temperatures, high voltage zones, radiation (EMI) and explosive hazardous areas (ATEX zones).

      OptimAE PD software

      FemtoSens software

      The I4 series software package integrates all the features a FBG user could desire in an intuitive and user-friendly environment.

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