Performance comparison between FOS and PZT AE sensors

Comparison between FOS and PZT AE sensors

The white-paper written in collaboration with CETIM operated by ANDRA is out! 

Our optical acoustic emission system OptimAE is ready to tackle difficult measurements in harsh environments, with performance comparable to the state-of-the-art electrical systems. 

The fiber-optic sensors were tested in a lab environment and directly compared with the electrical PZT sensors to evaluate sensitivity, directivity, waveforms, signal repeatability and localization accuracy. The fiber-optic system showed performances equivalent to the PZT electrical system, proving that OptimAE could extend the benefits of AE testing to challenging environments such as extreme temperatures, high voltages, radiations and explosive hazardous areas. 

Thank you CETIM for the collaboration and the desire of trying new technology with the only purpose of improving technical knowledge and scientific achievements. 

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Aydin R. Zadeh

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