Condition Monitoring

Solutions to monitor the operating conditions of machinery and prevent critical faults


Solutions in monitoring

Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring a condition parameter in machinery in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing faults. When applying preventive maintenance procedures, condition monitoring is the major indicator.

Predictive maintenance and digital twin technology are quickly becoming indispensable in maximizing up-time and minimizing maintenance cost. Since a lot of monitored machinery is operating in challenging environments, such as in extreme (hot/cold) temperatures, in strong EMI fields or in liquids, the requirements of the sensing systems are stringent. Optical fiber sensing systems are by default, immune to such environments and therefore highly suitable to be applied in these cases.

Optics11 has several solutions to contribute to a robust condition monitoring solution, ranging from bearing degradation monitoring solutions using acoustic emission technology, to non-metallic tri-axial accelerometers to measure the vibrations of the active core inside high voltage transformers.

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Bearing Monitoring

Optics11 systems provide solutions in monitoring bearing degredation using acoustic emission and acceleration measurements


High Speed
Train Bogie

Optics11 enables challenging measurement challenges in the field of high speed train bogie monitoring


Generator and
Windings Monitoring

Optics11 offers a variety of solutions that can also perform measurements on composite structures such as wind turbine blade and even inside the generators


Rotating Machinery Monitoring

Optics11 provides solutions for ratating machinery monitoring and secures safe operation of your assets