SGF-IEC Week 2023

Exploring the Future of Smart Grids: Insights from SGF-IEC Week 2023 with OPTICS11

At SGF-IEC Week 2023, the focus is on three key IEC standards integral to the smart grid’s efficiency: IEC 61850 (digital substations), IEC CIM (operational systems), and IEC 62443 (OT cybersecurity). These standards will be explored in depth, with insights from utilities detailing their recent implementations. The event gathers substation, control center, and cybersecurity professionals, providing an avenue for collaborative discussions. Utility CTOs, Standardisation Leaders, and Engineering teams will unite, enabling organizations to align on standardization strategies and future investments.

The SGF-IEC Week 2023 serves as a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and innovations. It’s inspiring to witness the collective drive to better the world of smart grids and energy. For us at OPTICS11, this week provides an avenue to reaffirm our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving progress in the world around us. We are geared up and ready to contribute our part in shaping the future of smart grids.