Offshore Energy 2023

We’re brimming with excitement to share that Optics11 will be venturing to Amsterdam for the prestigious Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) – Europe’s leading summit for the entire offshore energy industry. Scheduled for the 28th and 29th of November, this event promises a confluence of business leaders, professionals, and the brightest experts from across global markets.

OEEC isn’t just any conference; it’s a symposium that showcases the prowess and expertise in offshore wind, oil and gas, marine energy, the hydrogen sector, and beyond. With around 400 exhibitors ready to demonstrate their innovations, Amsterdam is set to be the epicenter of energy discussions, breakthroughs, and networking.

What makes our participation even more special this year is that we’re not just sending our energy team – our defense division will be joining forces as well. Optics11 has always been at the forefront of fiber optic sensing solutions, be it for detecting partial discharge activity in critical energy infrastructure or for enhancing security and situational awareness in the defense sector.

At OEEC, attendees can expect a deep dive into how our cutting-edge technology is redefining monitoring solutions for offshore assets. From ensuring operational safety in offshore wind parks to deploying advanced fiber optic sensing systems that shield critical underwater defense infrastructure, we’ll be covering it all.

Our dual presence from both the energy and defense sectors is a testament to our commitment in providing comprehensive solutions that span across industries. It also gives us a unique vantage point in understanding the cross-industry challenges and synergies.

So, if you’re planning to be in Amsterdam during the OEEC, we warmly invite you to our booth. Let’s discuss the future, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities. Whether you’re from the wind, oil and gas, marine energy, or the defense sector, we’re eager to connect and share how Optics11 can help drive innovation in your domain.

Let’s shape the future of offshore energy and defense together. Amsterdam awaits!