NEDS 2023

Exhibition Defense and Security

We at Optics11 are thrilled to announce our participation in the prestigious NIDV Exhibition for Security and Defence 2023 (NEDS), scheduled for the 30th of November at Rotterdam Ahoy. As a leader in advanced fiber optic sensing systems, we align perfectly with this year’s theme: “Sustainable Security.”

Sustainable Security: The Need of the Hour

In today’s world, where security needs are constantly evolving, the question arises: How can armed forces and security organizations enhance their sustainability while effectively safeguarding what we value most? The 34th edition of NEDS poses this vital query, delving into the required methodologies and technologies for a more sustainable future in defense.

Optics11: At the Forefront of Innovation

At Optics11, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that not only meet the highest standards of performance but also contribute to a sustainable security approach. Our innovative fiber optic sensing systems, such as OTADES, are designed for challenging environments, offering unmatched precision in underwater acoustics and structural health monitoring. These systems are integral to our commitment to sustainable security, allowing for efficient and eco-friendly monitoring of vital assets.

Experience Innovation at NEDS 2023

The exhibition floor opens at 08:00, where you’ll find us among 140 exhibitors showcasing the latest in defense and security innovation. We invite you to explore our cutting-edge products and learn how they are revolutionizing underwater surveillance and asset protection.

Innovation Square and Beyond

Make sure to visit the Innovation Square to witness 15 upcoming startups, including a glimpse into the future of defense technology. Additionally, the Ministry of Defence’s presence provides an insightful perspective on current and future security challenges.

A Platform for Collaboration

NEDS 2023 is not just an exhibition but a platform for significant industry milestones. Organizations can highlight their achievements, including the signing of contracts or MOUs. We at Optics11 look forward to exploring potential collaborations and partnerships that align with our mission of providing sustainable security solutions.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

While visitor registration has closed, and we thank you for your overwhelming interest, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates from the event. Follow our journey at NEDS 2023 as we contribute to the critical discourse on sustainable security and showcase how our technology is making a difference.

We are excited to be part of NEDS 2023 and eagerly anticipate engaging with other industry leaders to collectively forge a path towards a more secure and sustainable future.