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Engage in a technical deep-dive with fellow engineers and Optics11 experts.

Join us in a comprehensive discussion centered around the recent case studies illustrating advances in Transformer PD (Partial Discharge) Monitoring using Fiber Optic Sensing Principles. The session will not just introduce you to OptiFender but provide a platform to delve deep into real-world applications and challenges faced in PD monitoring, specifically highlighting how fiber optic solutions are paving the way.

Key Highlights:

Real-world Case Studies: Understand the practical applications, challenges, and results from recent deployments of OptiFender in various energy projects. Witness firsthand how its unique features performed in real-time scenarios for Transformers.

Deep Dive into OptiFender: While our focus remains on practical applications, get a brief insight into how OptiFender’s technology operates, emphasizing its passive sensing principle and its distinctive capacity to measure acoustic emission signals of partial discharges.

Comparison with Electric Systems: A technical comparison rooted in data from real-world case studies, showcasing how OptiFender’s fiber optic technology holds advantages over traditional electric systems in PD monitoring.

Interactive Q&A Session: Pose your queries, discuss your own experiences, and engage with Optics11 experts and fellow engineers, making the session a hub of shared knowledge and expertise.

About Optics11:

As a global vanguard in fiber optic sensing solutions, OPTICS11’s innovations have found profound applications in the energy and defense sectors. Their commitment to safeguarding assets, especially in challenging environments, is evident in their specialized solutions for partial discharge monitoring. Their collaborative approach with engineers and professionals in the field has resulted in successful deployments in diverse energy projects, further solidifying their stance in improving operational efficiency and safety.

Join this enriching discussion, designed specifically for engineers, to understand, debate, and learn from the latest in Transformer PD monitoring. It’s not just about introducing OptiFender, but a chance to enrich your knowledge, share your experiences, and shape the future of PD monitoring.