The technology of Optics11 is based on two key elements:
fiber optic interferometry and state-of-the-art FBG technology 

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Fiber optic interferometry

We believe that optical fiber sensing provides a unique solution for many applications that involve precise measurements in challenging environments. As light can travel unperturbed inside the fiber, and typically only glass or silicon is required for the sensing element, any environmental challenge can be championed: low or high temperature, liquids, electrical or magnetic fields and even remote locations. 

There are many optical sensing techniques, however we believe that there is only one fiber sensing technology that provides the best sensitivity, highest bandwidth and highest dynamic range: interferometry. Interferometry means to directly measure the phase of light, which Optics11 is able to do with a precision that enters into the femto-domain. Check out the video that explain our ZonaSens and DeltaSens technology.

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State-of-the-art FBG technology

The design of the sensing element determines which physical parameter is translated into the precise optical phase: accelerations, pressure, temperature, load, even gas concentrations are possible. To put our sensors to optimal use, Optics11 engineered state-of the art FBG technology. Using several calibration methods for our light source, such as a michelson interferometer and a reference gas cell, our systems maintain extreme sensitivity and accuracy and secure long stability over time.

Optics11 designs and realizes the sensing elements with a broad range of micromanufacturing technologies, such as photo-lithography, laser ablation and/or precision cutting.

All systems developed by Optics11 are designed with the end user in mind, resulting in easy to use and purpose-driven instruments.

We love making cutting-edge technology fit for use!