Meet Optics11


Since 2011, we have served many companies in making their measurement needs a reality. We believe that optical fiber sensing provides a unique solution for many applications that involve precise measurements in challenging environments.

Do you have a measurement challenge? Contact our team to find out if we can provide the solution that makes the difference.

Niek Rijnveld


Trained as a mechanical engineer, Niek worked as a system engineer on semiconductor and space instrumentation before joining the founders of Optics11 on their mission.

Since 2016 he is CEO, driving innovation and product development and building the team to establish Optics11 as a healthy, sustainable and ever-growing high-tech company.

Grzegorz Gruca


Grzegorz graduated as an microelectronics engineer focusing on development of novel micromechanical biosensors. He continued his scientific career in a group of Davide Iannuzzi, obtaining PhD based on innovative mixture of fiber optics and micromechanics.

Since smooth transition to company environment, Grzegorz supports and leads the technical growth of Optics11.

Mark Jacobs


Mark’s passion for technology brought him to several positions where he developed himself into a commercial leader with over 13 years of experience in demanding international environments.

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer he drives commercial strategies, develops and builds long term partnerships and coaches the sales and marketing teams.

Nicola Piva

Lead Product Manager 

Since completing his master’s studies in Physics Engineering, Nicola has worked in high-tech start-ups, growing his expertise and passion for developing and bringing to market successful products.

In 2019 he joins Optics11 as Lead Product Manager, driving innovation and roadmaps of Optics11 products and identifying new business opportunities.

Selwan Ibrahim

R&D manager

Prior to joining Optics11 as an R&D Manager in December 2019, Selwan worked as a Principal Optical Engineer at FAZ Technology (now Optics11 FAZ).

He is currently leading the FBG interrogator development team in Ireland. Selwan is an Electronics and Communication Engineer with a Dr.-Ing. Degree in Optical Communication and High-Frequency Engineering.