ZonaSens Development Kit


The ZonaSens Development Kit is a comfortable way to get familiar with the ZonaSens technology: acquire high speed information from dedicated parts of your fiber between two FBGs.

The Kit consists of a single read-out system capable to simultaneous measure two adjacent zones (three FBGs) in a single fiber. In addition, the ZonaSens Development Kit can be integrated in any existing FBG sensor network and addresses many more zones sequentially.

Nanoscale precision in exceptionally harsh environments is best achieved using optical fiber interferometry. Besides this technology has extremely low noise, it is all-optical and fully passive; no electrical signals are involved. For that reason the fiber can be applied in extreme high temperatures, liquid environ-ments or in the presence of strong electrical and/or magnetic fields.

The ZonaSens Development Kit will allow you to get used to this novel way of measuring FBG zones by interferometry. The ease of use and the flexibility to connect the system to existing FBG networks opens up many new measurement possibilities and reveals the potential of a full system.

Key features

  • Two adjacent FBG zones in a single fiber
  • True simultaneous┬ámeasurement
  • Selective measurement DC up to 750 kHz
  • Retro-fittable to existing FBG systems
  • Up to 1000x more sensitive compared to traditional FBG sensors
  • One readout for multiple sensors