ZonaSens is a high-tech optical interrogator that provides simultaneous measurements of dedicated zones in a fiber, determined by two Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). Using this technology it is possible to limitless extend the sensitive part of the fiber instead of measuring locally at the FBG. Due to use of interferometry, high bandwidth (up to 1 MHz) and extreme sensitivity can be achieved.

ZonaSens is the solution for retrieving highly detailed information, such as acoustics, strain, temperature and vibration from dedicated parts of your fiber. The sensitive parts of the fiber can be directly bonded to a structure, or be an integral part of a transducer design.  Since the system measures truly simultaneously, readings from different zones can be combined into accurate location and direction determination.



Displacement noise 600 fm / √Hz
Dynamic Range 160 dB
Readout bandwidth DC up to 1 MHz
Signal acquiring True simultaneous
Operation wavelength C & L Band
Sensor potential 80
Data output USB / LabVIEW
Fiber type Single mode
Connector type FC/APC
Software Included