The Senza lensless microscope makes cell imaging truly easy. The microscope is developed for researchers who are studying living cells inside an incubator. Within this field, the Senza has a wide range of possible applications; from the stationary imaging of cell cultures to the imaging of various flowing cells in microfluidics research.

The Senza uses revolutionary technology that requires only a light source and a camera chip to generate a detailed digital phase contrast image. Two modes of operation are possible at the same time: intensity and phase imaging. This allows the study of transparent cells and cells that are normally difficult to image, especially while they remain inside the incubator.

The Senza data viewer is designed to review the real-time captured data. Because all data of the z-axis of the sample is stored in one shot, the data viewer enables researchers to adjust the focus after the experiment has been performed. This makes focus drifts a problem of the past and enables you to study the 3D volume of transparent samples.

Scratch assays

Make a time-lapse movie of cell migration.

Microfluidic research

Capture flowing cells in a microfluidic channel.

Culture monitoring

Image the experiment without removing cells from the incubator.

Cell monitoring

Collect data on cell growth and/or differentiation.

Senza specifications


Resolving power:                             0.5 µm

FOV full resolution:                          3.0 · 3.0 mm

Maximum FOV:                                6.4 · 6.4 mm

Phase precision:                              ≈10 nm

Max. imaging units:                         24

Wavelength lasers:                          445 nm / 630 nm

Imaging sensor:                              RGB