Our Optics11 cantilever-based nanoindentation probes are compatible with our Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenter instruments and allow you to measure forces which are essential to characterize the mechanical properties of the softest materials. The full-glass probes are completely optical, hence can be operated in any environment, from liquids to vacuum or cold environments. The spring constant (and tip size, if applicable) are precalibrated in our laboratories, reducing time spent on obtaining useful data to a minimum. Also probes are durables, which you can clean and re-use many times.

Custom probes

Using the specialized glass micro-manufacturing facilities of Optics11 we can produce specialized fiber-optical sensors for our readout instruments. Examples include, but are not limited to, probes tuned with specific resonance frequencies or Q-factors, membrane probes, photoacoustic probes, and many more.