The OP1550 is a high performance, user friendly Fabry-Perot interferometer. It can be used to interrogate Fabry-Perot sensors, such as the Optics11 fiber-top cantilevers, or any custom cavity providing an optical reflection. The OP1550 features real-time linearization up to a bandwidth of 75 kHz, providing a linear range that can be scaled from nanometers up to millimeters. It operates stand-alone with an integrated display, or via PC software.

The noise performance of the standard version is as low as 3 pm/ √Hz. The output is available as an analog signal, as well as a digital signal that can be stored on a PC.



Displacement noise

standard version
low noise version


3 pm  ⁄ √Hz

25 fm  ⁄ √Hz

Stroke > 500 µm
Readout bandwidth 20 up to 75 kHz
Long term drift ±1 mV / 24h
Operation wavelength 1528 – 1563 nm
Wavelength modulation up to 0.4 nm / 1MHz
DDS signal generator 1 MHz ; TTL sync
ADC channels (optional) 4 channels, 700 kS/s

Track the motion of a piezo actuator.

Measure piconewton forces in combination with a fiber-top cantilever.

Measure accelerations with a miniature optical accelerometer.

Perform atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements.

Use in combination with the Piuma or Chiaro Nanoindenters.