New interferometric fiber sensing platforms with high sensitivity and bandwidth

Optics11 has released two unique sensing technologies. These technologies capture both the advantages of optical fiber sensing and outperform other systems in terms of sensitivity, measurement bandwidth, dimensions and costs.


The fiber sensors we provide are all-optical and fully passive; no electrical components are involved. The main material used in the sensors is glass, enriched with some silicon or adhesives. Therefore our sensors can be applied in very harsh environments such as in extreme high or low temperatures, liquid environments or in the presence of strong electrical and/or magnetic fields.

The platform

Our sensing platforms are all based on interferometry, which means measuring the phase of the returning light. Interferometry by definition has the lowest noise, highest bandwidth and highest dynamic range.

Acoustic Emission monitoring

Condition monitoring using a network of AE sensors

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Vibration monitoring

Condition monitoring using a network of 1D and 3D accelerometers

High speed train monitoring

Real time structural health monitoring of wheels, gearboxes, axes and bearings.

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Mining seismic monitoring

Miniturised accelerometers for mining and seismic refracting method


Small size optical hydrophones with low weight and high sensitivity

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Pipeline monitoring

Acoustic measurements for pipeline leak / intrusion monitoring

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Mark Jacobs

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