Our all-optical hydrophones are an ideal solution for applications where combining robustness, simplicity and miniaturized size is required


There are many applications or platforms that benefit from our solutions:

    • Surface and underwater vessels (gliders and UAV)
    • Marine mammal monitoring
    • Harbour surveillance and protection
    • Environmental monitoring and vessel noise characterisation
    • Anti-Submarine Warfare
    • Vertical array/grid monitoring
    • Asset monitoring and protection
    • Condition monitoring

Main specifications

Sensitivity -140 dB re rad/µPa
Noise level 42 dB re µPa/√Hz
Noise equivalent Sea state zero
Dynamic range 130 dB
Frequency range 10 Hz to 10 kHz
Dimensions Ø 20 x 30 mm
Execution options oil-backed
air-backed (near future)


* Other specifications are possible, please contact us for full options

These sensors are compatible with the ZonaSens technology

These sensors are compatible with the ZonaSens technology

Mark Jacobs

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