DeltaSens Development Kit


The DeltaSens Development Kit is a comfortable way to get familiar with the DeltaSens technology: multiplexing Fabry-Pérot sensors, without compromising the sensitivity and speed.

The Kit consists of a single read-out system included with four optical fiber accelerometers manufactured with MEMS technology, connected by a single branched-out fiber. In addition, most types of existing Fabry-Pérot optical fiber sensor can be connected to the DeltaSens Development Kit.

Sensing acceleration at nanoscale is best achieved using optical fiber technology, since it can measure with extremely low noise in exceptionally harsh environments. Fabry-Pérot type optical fiber sensors can achieve ultimate sensitivity, while keeping very small dimensions.

The DeltaSens Development Kit will allow you to get used to this novel way of simultaneous measuring optical fiber Fabry-Pérot based sensors. The ease of use and the flexibility in connecting the different  sensors opens up many new measurement possibilities and reveals the potential of a full system.

Key features

  • Four Fabry-Pérot acceleration sensors on a single fiber
  • One readout for multiple sensors
  • Sensors with very small dimensions
  • True simultaneous sampling up to 3 kHz bandwidth
  • Low noise performance
  • Fabry-Pérot (cavity) based sensors allow ultimate sensitivity