DeltaSens is a measurement technology that can simultaneously interrogate  a network of Fabry-Pérot sensors. Fabry-Perot sensors are the most sensitive optical transducers with the smallest dimensions. With DeltaSens, a high sensitivity sensing network, in a challenging environment, becomes reality.

Using just a single read-out to measure multiple MEMS based Fabry-Pérot sensors, DeltaSens is an affordable solution without compromising on the sensitivity. It can support the measurement of a broad range of physical parameters such as accelerations, forces, humidity, and gas concentration. The distance between each sensor and between the sensors and the read-out can vary from centimetres up to several kilometres.



Displacement noise 1 pm / √Hz
Dynamic Range 100 dB
Readout bandwidth 17 kHz
Signal acquiring True simultaneous
Operation wavelength C & L Band
Sensor potential 30
Readout bandwidth 17 kHz
Data output USB / LabVIEW
Fiber type Single mode
Connector type FC/APC
Software Included