Meet the Chiaro


Capture forces in biology


Popular applications include:

  • Mechanobiology
  • Mechanotransduction
  • Developmental biology
  • Cell biology
  • Biophysics


Optimized for inverted microscopes

The Chiaro is compatible with almost any inverted microscope to enable (advanced) microscopy to be combined with force sensing simultaneously. For example, consider using fluorescence microscopy combined with applying pico-Newton range forces to live cells.

Everything you need

Even the standard version of the Chiaro includes all the tools required to perform advanced force sensing experiments, including liquid compatible probes, automated find-surface approach, automated surface mapping and of course pN-range force sensing capabilities.

Chiaro technology

The Chiaro enables highly accurate and precise force experiments on any sample in any environment with high speed and great ease of use. These unique capabilities are enabled by making use of the Optics11 patented micro-machined fiber-optical sensors. The Chiaro can be used to gently bring a spherical glass tip in contact with a sample and record all generated force data simultaneously, both under static and dynamic operation.



Young’s Modulus range 5 Pa up to 1 GPa
Probe stiffness range 0.01 N/m up to 250 N/m
Probe tip shape Spherical or cylindrical
Probe tip size 5 µm up to 500 µm
Maximum displacement stroke 20 µm / 100 µm**
Min. force resolution 20 picoNewton
Sample stage travel 12 mm X 12 mm (X-Y)
Lateral mapping resolution > 1 µm
Mapping speed Up to 2 points / second
Motorized Z-travel 12 mm
Manual Z-stage travel 5 cm
Built-in camera magnification 10 X
Modes of operation Displacement / Load* / Indentation*
Dynamic analysis* 0.01 Hz* up to 10 Hz*
In-software analysis Young’s Modulus (Hertz / O&P)
Data output format Tab separated text files, BMP

* Comes with Dynamic module
** Comes with extended Piezo module

Combine with microscopy

The Chiaro can be mounted to almost any inverted microscope. Combine the Chiaro with the imaging equipment of your choice, including bright-field, phase contract, fluorescence and confocal microscopes. Due to the very low-footprint, immersable force sensor and independent mounting options the Chiaro is the ultimate companion for research on forces in biology at the micro, nano and pico-level.

Cell adhesion force experiment (2017). Courtesy of Dr. rer. nat. Petersen, Cellular Biomechanics, Julius Wolff Institute for Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Regeneration, Charité, Berlin.

An independent mounting frame combined with our plug and play optical fiber-based sensors allow for an easy and quick installation to any inverted microscope.

Product characteristics


The heart of the instrument: a micromechanical all-optical indentation probe


The Chiaro can be combined with almost all inverted microscopes


Map your samples using the 12 · 12 · 12 mm X-Y-Z movement range


A coarse-fine stage allows accurate indentation and automatic surface finding


To create room for samples and sample containers of any dimension


Designed for high flexibility and performance

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