Acoustic emission sensors

World's only fully fiber optic AE sensor
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6300 series AE sensors

All-optical fiber-based acoustic emission sensors are the ideal solution for applications in challenging environments where high performances is required

Fiber optic sensors are by principle highly suitable to measure in extreme environments, like in areas with high voltages, inside ATEX zones, in electro magnetic fields or in liquids.

Optics11 6300 series acoustic emission sensors are designed to deliver long time reliable measurements up to 500 KHz. The innovative in-fiber interferometry approach makes these sensors the only all-optical solution that equals the Signal to Noise Ratio of classic electric AE sensors.

Connecting several sensors in a network is possible by using our unique patented readout technology.

Key features


500 Khz measurement


extreme sensitivity

no moving parts, FULLY PASSIVE


Small dimensions

Accurate, pre-calibrated and easy to use

No maintenance required


Standard version
Cryogenic version


Acoustic emission measurements are best performed with optical fiber technology, since it is highly sensitive and can measure with extremely low noise in exceptionally harsh environments. The underlying technology of the OptimAE system and the 6300-series sensors is the ZonaSens technology. This patented interferometric principle measures between two reflective parts in a fiber (FBGs), therefore makes that part of the fiber extremely sensitive to strain. Minute changes to the fiber caused by acoustic waves will be detected. The optical advantages result in the possibility to have kilometers of fiber between the readout and sensors. It also enables adding sensors without compromising measuring speed and provides resistance to EMI. The sensor is made up of just a small mandrel wrapped with optical fiber, with no electric signals involved. Simple and elegant.