2600 series Accelerometers

All-optical Fabry-Pérot based sensors, that are ideal for a large range of applications where the combination of high sensitivity and miniaturized dimensions is required.

Main specifications

Sensor type1 Low frequency High frequency High dynamic range
Dynamic range ±1 g ±400 g ± 32000 g
Sensitivity 24.9µm / g 62.1nm / g .77µm / g
Frequency response ±5 % 35 Hz 650 Hz 6000 Hz
Resonance frequency 100 Hz 2000 Hz 18000 Hz
Spectral noise density 40ng / √Hz 500µg / √Hz 1.3mg / √Hz
Measurement direction 1D and 3D
Dimensions / weight 15 x 15 x 26 mm / 11 gr
Available materials Ceramic
Operation temperature -40 to 80 °C
Aquisition frequency DC to 17 kHz


1 Other sensor types are possible, please contact us for full options.

These sensors are compatible with the DeltaSens technology

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