OptimAE PD

Partial Discharge Monitoring System

Meet OptimAE PD – a passive solution with state-of-the-art sensitivity for partial discharge measurements

Driven by fiber optic technology to deal with practical challenges such as EMI and remote locations

→ OptimAE PD: Partial Discharge Monitoring Solution

Detect and monitor partial discharge using fiber optics

OptimAE PD is a ground-breaking monitoring system that enables detection of partial discharge in any critical high-voltage component of your substation.

Thanks to its unique fiber-optic technology and passive sensing principle, OptimAE PD system delivers a set of benefits for your most challenging installations:

    1. Immune to electro magnetic interference
    2. Monitoring of remote components  (cable junctions)
    3. Easy to install due to galvanically isolated sensors & no need of technically complex training
    4. No power required at sensing location
    4 unique benefits of OptimAE PD: EMI immunity; Remote Locations; Easy Installation; No power required at sensing locations

    OptimAE PD system works with any high voltage asset

    What is OptimAE PD?

    OptimAE PD is the world’s first fiber optic partial discharge monitoring system.

    Its unique patented technology delivers a high reliable fiber optics solution, while keeping the same performance of state-of-the-art electrical systems.

    OptimAE PD solution includes:

    • Modular acquisition unit (2 – 32 channels)
    • Fiber optic acoustic emission (AE) sensors
    • Dedicated software package
    OptimAE PD product

    How does OptimAE PD work?

    OptimAE PD enables to measure the acoustic footprint of partial discharges and to track their evolution over time.

    The small and completely passive sensors can be easily installed and retrofitted to any kind of asset, enabling the detection of close-by internal and surface partial discharges.

    The acoustic footprint acquired by the sensor is transmitted to the OptimAE acquisition unit trough a standard telecommunication optical fiber. The acquired data is then displayed and analyzed through the OptimAE software.

    AE fiber optic sensor captures PD acoustic signal that is transferred to an acquisition unit. At the next step, optical sensor is converted into measurement data.

    Why will you like OptimAE PD?

    Description of OptimAE benefit

    EMI immunity

    • Completely passive transducer
    • Crystal clear signal in any environment
    • Consistent measurements and reliable data
    Long distance benefit of OptimAE

    Remote locations

    • Acquisition unit and sensors can be spaced several kilometers apart
    • Monitoring of remote cable junctions
    benefit of OptimAE PD solution

    Easy installation

    • Uninterrupted equipment operations during installation
    • Safe galvanically-isolated sensor
    • No technically complex training needed
    • Small & lightweight sensor

    No power required for OptimAE PD at sensing location

    No power required

    • No pre-amplifiers needed
    • Simple cabling to cover long distances

    Learn more about OptimAE

    OptimAE interrogator

    The OptimAE interrogator is a modular readout that allows the capture of the most prominent acoustic emission features and gets the best out of the 6300 series AE sensors.

    6300 series sensors

    The 6300 series sensors are designed to deal with the most challenging environments, for example extreme temperatures, high voltage zones, radiation (EMI) and explosive hazardous areas (ATEX zones).

    OptimAE PD software

    OptimAE software

    The OptimAE software package integrates all the features an AE user could desire in an intuitive and user-friendly environment.

    → Acoustic Emission Sensing System

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