Optical fiber sensing is a technology that is uniquely suitable for measuring in challenging environments. However, having many sensors in the field with high sensitivity and high bandwidth remains a challenge. Optics11 introduces two new interferometric fiber sensing systems at Photonics West in San Francisco, which are able to overcome this challenge.

ZonaSens – An interrogator that measures the strain in zones between Fiber Bragg Gratings, resulting in femtostrain sensitivity and megahertz sampling frequency. More than 30 zones can be deployed with a single lead-in fiber, and distances of kilometers can be covered. Due to the high sensitivity and high bandwidth, the acoustics domain comes well within reach.

DeltaSens – An interrogator that can measure multiple Fabry-Pérot sensors simultaneously. Optics11 manufactures miniature accelerometers with nano-g sensitivity, which can be interrogated in high numbers by the DeltaSens system. With a single lead-in fiber, distances of kilometers between sensors can be covered.

For more information, meet us between 31st January and 2 February at the Holland Pavilion (booth #4266) or visit our website www.optics11.com