Acceleration Sensing System

DeltaSens is the world’s first fiber optic sensing system capable of matching the performance of  state-of-the-art electric accelerometers:
a network of compact, light-weight and highly-sensitive accelerometers suitable for the most challenging environments.

→ Acceleration Sensing System

Fiber optic sensing with no compromises

Acceleration sensing is a reliable and flexible technique with a wide field of applications, ranging from sub-hertz seismology and structural-health-monitoring (SHM) to high frequency condition monitoring.  Fiber optic sensing provides a solution to measure acceleration in harsh environments where electric transducers struggle to deliver. While overcoming the environmental challenges, classic fiber optic acceleration technologies come with many drawbacks such as limited sensitivity, limited bandwidth, and bulky sensor size which need to be overcome.

DeltaSens delivers the great benefits of fiber optic sensing with none of compromises of classic fiber optic sensing, opening new measurement scenarios in extreme conditions where high performance is required.

DeltaSens - Acceleration Sensing System

2300-Series Accelerometers

DeltaSens interrogator

DeltaSens is the single channel interrogator of the acceleration sensing system and offers an affordable solution without compromising on the performance. 

2300-Series Accelerometers

2600 series accelerometers

Optics11 accelerometers are designed for long time reliable measurements for acceleration from DC up to 8000 HZ.

DeltaSens software

Our acceleration sensing system is a new way to measure acceleration for monitoring your valuable assets.

→ Acceleration Sensing System

A game changing measurement system

DeltaSens offers the same reliability, and ease of use of state-of-the-art electric acceleration sensing technologies along with all the advantages of fiber optic sensing. With a field deployable acquisition unit, dedicated acquisition software and a range of sensor versions, DeltaSens answers the needs of all users, from lab-scale to industrial in-field solutions.

The unique interferometry measurement principle and the advanced transducer design allows DeltaSens to achieve state-of-the-art sensitivity, competing with the best electrical systems available on the market.

Unique transducer design

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Triaxial / uniaxial operation in identical housing
  • Tunable sensitivity down to nano-g
  • No metal parts
  • Intrinsically safe

Harsh environments

  • ATEX zones
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Radiation
  • HV fields
  • Liquids / moisture

Optical signal

  • No power at sensing location
  • Immune to EM interferences
  • Reach remote locations

→ Acceleration Sensing System 

Applications for DeltaSens


Structural Health Monitoring

Solutions to detect damage and monitor the health status of complex structure

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Condition Monitoring

Solutions to monitor the operating conditions of machinery and prevent critical faults

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Research &

Best-in-class fiber optic sensing systems for testing and R&D

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Micro Seismic

Solutions to measure seismic events in challenging environments and remote locations

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