About Optics11

We love making cutting-edge technology fit for use

As a young company with enthusiastic people, we at Optics11 aim to build optical fiber sensing systems that are best in class and easy and flexible in use. We do so by building on our core technologies, which are fiber interferometry and micromanufacturing.

Our strength is fast and lean product development, which is enabled by our broad range of engineering skills: fiber optics, analog and digital electronics, software, micromanufacturing, mechanics and mechatronics. Besides our engineering passion, we pride ourselves on always listening to customer needs first, and providing added value where it really matters for the users.

Our strategy is now, and has been from the very beginning, to develop products in fast and lean iterations, strongly based on user feedback. This way our fiber sensing systems develop in the direction where it truly matters for its users. Be it higher bandwidth, better sensitivity, better cost effectiveness or easier to use, Optics11 makes sure that it knows the needs of the users, and steers development into this direction.

We are small, but not too small. We are flexible, but not too flexible. Do you have a measurement challenge? Contact Optics11 to find out if we can provide the technology that makes a difference.


We believe that optical fiber sensing provides a unique solution for many applications that involve precise measurements in challenging environments. Because light can travel unperturbed inside the fiber, and typically only glass or silicon is required for the sensing element, any environmental challenge can be championed: low or high temperature, liquids, electrical or magnetic fields, remote locations.

There are many optical sensing techniques, but we believe that there is only one fiber sensing technology that provides the best sensitivity, highest bandwidth and highest dynamic range: interferometry. Interferometry means to directly measure the phase of light, which Optics11 is able to do with a precision that enters into the femto-domain. The design of the sensing element determines which physical parameter is translated into the precise optical phase: acoustics, accelerations, pressure, temperature, even gas concentration is possible. Optics11 designs and realizes the sensing elements with a broad range of micromanufacturing technologies, such as photolithography, laser ablation or precision cutting.

The combination of optical fiber interferometry and micromanufactured sensing elements provide Optics11 with unique solutions for precise measurements in challenging environments.